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MLB owners reject MLBPA’s 114 game proposal for the 2020 season, according to the report

On Sunday, the MLB Players Association of Major League Baseball submitted a proposal for a 2020 season that would include a regular season with 114 games and extended playoffs. The league took a few days to respond, but on Wednesday the owners rejected the union’s proposal and said they would not send a counter offer. after Ken Rosenthal from The Athletic.

The owners are said to want a shorter regular season, maybe only 50 or 60 games, with the focus on getting into the off-season quickly. The hope is that the off-season will be over before a possible second wave of the novel coronavirus can take over the country, ensuring that the league pays all the money from playoff television stores. (As part of its proposal, the union took into account the possibility of mass shifts if the postseason was canceled due to a renewed spread of COVID-1


It should be noted that the refusal to make a counter offer is a well-known negotiating tactic that Agent Scott Boras often uses in baseball circles, and the league’s stance does not necessarily mean that the 2020 season is at risk. Still, this was seen as a crucial week if the two teams wanted to start playing sometime in early July, and so far there has been limited impetus for a deal.

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported that Commissioner Rob Manfred would be ready to force a shortened season with prorated salaries if the two sides failed to reach an agreement. This season would be about half the length of the players’ desired length.

While the pages remain separate in terms of money and seasonality, it appears that they are closer than not at all in terms of health. In fact, players are expected to get “much of what they want for health and safety,” said Andy Martino of SNY.

The league had originally sent the union a 67-page proposal outlining its vision for test and security protocols. This document included guidelines on travel, clubhouse arrangements, and player etiquette when on the go. The union then offered revisions, with players reportedly wanting more access to exercise and recovery equipment.

MLB had originally planned to start its season on March 26th. Two weeks earlier, due to the spread of COVID-19, the league had to take a break alongside every other professional sports league of the season.

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