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MLB Power Rankings: An NL-East divide is forming with the Phillies and Braves well ahead of the pack

Before we dive into this week's ranking, here's a short note: Let the 13-2 Mariners become the 23-26 Mariners to remember how quickly things can develop in a league where the Teams we follow play almost every day. They have quickly evolved from the best baseball record to a non-competitor. Things could turn again!

Remember, while we continue.

On the NL East.

The mood in the season was that there were four teams that could rightfully take over the division this season. Some of us even selected the defending champion Braves as fourth (and definitely did not consider it an insult). I thought the division was fiercely competitive.

Instead, a certain gap could arise.

At 27 to 1

9, the Phillies are the third best team in the Netherlands and at that time a clear favorite in the division. They were out of the water all year after starting 4-0 and never fell back to .500. It is safe to say that this is a good team.

The Braves have dealt with injury problems for pitching staff, but are starting to calm down and are now between 25 and 22 after winning seven of their last nine games against quality contests. It looks like they are hanging out.

On the other hand, concerns about the Mets and Nationals seem legitimate.

The Mets have lost five in a row including they were swept by the Marlins. The Marlins were pathetic 10-31 before the show. The Marlins managed to eliminate the Mets in consecutive games. The Mets now have a negative 23-run differential and only a better record than two NL teams – the Marlins and the … Nationals.

The Nats are now seven games under 500 with a negative 29-speed differential. While the Mets have the same record as the Rockies and Giants, the Nationals follow suit. Of the 15 teams, the Nationals have the 14th best record and are only at the top of the Marlins.

Think about it. There are no teams worse than the Mets in NL Central or NL West, and they are currently in third place in NL East. The Mets are just as far (6 1/2 games) away from the first place as the Marlins, who want to win 48 games this season.

Back to what we said above about the Mariners: things can change quickly.

But it does look as though the division we thought it could go four deep is gradually dividing into 2/2/1 (contenders / non-contenders / terrible ones). Let's see if it stops.

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