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MLB Power Rankings: In the NL-Wildcard-Race many teams are still hunting for October

As we prepare for the last two weeks before the close of trading and then the track for the postseason, many races have relatively large gaps. The NL Central is still a bit mixed up, but the advantage of the Cubs is 2 1/2 games. The NL wildcard, however, can be absolutely ridiculous.

Think about it: We talked about the Giants and how they will trade the upcoming free agent Madison Bumgarner (including Will Smith) all season, assuming the Giants are not in conflict and would sell. They have lined up in eight of their last ten wins and play 4 1/2 games for second place with the wildcard. That's a noticeable range, right? A 4 1

/2 game deficit is feasible.

We spent a lot of time talking about what a mess the Mets are – and it's a mess – and we all wondered if this would be the day we wake up and find out that Mickey Callaway it was given his hiking papers. The Mets are actually six games from the second placeholder. If they have somehow managed, Jacob deGrom, who suddenly takes the ball, gives them the chance to get to the NLDS.

Far-fetched? Maybe, but in the NL almost everything is on the table. We know a few things about how the Dodgers are obviously the best team and have detained NL West again. We should probably feel comfortable with the Braves taking the NL East, although this is not a closed deal or anything. NL Central is tight from head to toe, though not so closely after the Cubs and Brewers lost on the first weekend of the break.

One more thing we know: The wildcard is a wonderful mess.

The Nationals – yes, the team that was at a time 19-31 – hold the first place at 1 1/2 games. The Phillies, who have been between the ages of 11 and 18 since June 8th and are the worst in the NL since then, are in second place.

The Brewers have lost half a game and the Cardinals are just a game back. The Diamondbacks and Rockies are 1 1/2 games away. Five teams within 1 1/2 games fight for a place! That is amazing. It is getting better too.

The Padres at three are absolutely in conversation. The pirates are only 3 1/2 out and that can turn in a week. The red and the aforementioned giants are 4 1/2 back.

This is eight teams out of playoff positions, less than five games in the wildcard race, which is simply outrageous and, as mentioned before, we would not normally count a team with six backlogs Mets.

The problem with the Mets and Giants and Reds is that it's difficult to skip so many teams in a short time. It is difficult to seriously call the team a competitor because eight teams are about 4 1/2 games back.

But on the 15th of July? Bring it on. The Giants and Reds are absolutely competitive this minute and you can not really discount the Mets yet.

I'm sure some Front Offices in the league would love a lot of clarity before the end of this month because last year gave us a cautionary tale: the pirates got ridiculously hot (13 out of 15 with an 11-game winning streak) ) and exchanged Tyler Glasnow and Austin Meadows for Chris Archer. Oops.

On the other hand, there were some arguments that the Royals of 2014 should have been sellers, but they stayed on the court, winning seven of their last nine in July, before going from 19 to 10 in August and 90 feet before the seventh Game were the World Series in ninth place at Kauffman Stadium.

To repeat, many Front Offices would certainly love clarity in the coming weeks, making it easier to know which direction to go.

From our point of view as fans? Bring maximum chaos. Let's hope that the entire league, with the exception of the Marlins who can not make up ground, is within five games of a September playoff spot. This would be nice.

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