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MLB proposes the abolition of 40 minor league teams

Major League Baseball is planning to come up with a proposal to reduce the number of minor league teams affiliated from 160 to 120 by 2021, which would dramatically change the way the development system works.

During the proposal, as reported The stated goal of Baseball America is to improve the quality of the facilities and the pay of the players. It seems to affect the ability of MLB teams to develop talent, to cost the jobs of thousands of players, and to leave dozens of cities without teams whose fans have grown up affectionately and successfully. Invest in.

because the Professional Baseball Agreement between MLB and Minor League teams will expire in 2020 and the two teams are farther apart than in decades. It is not clear if the MLB is determined to downsize its small leagues system, or if this is just a starting point for negotiations, but the discussions seem to be tough when so much is at stake.

What is the MLB planning?

] According to Baseball America's coverage, MLB claims that a quarter of the minor league stadiums have facilities far below their desired level. However, instead of investing in a better infrastructure, the league wants to remove them completely from the minor league baseball.

Teams can currently have unlimited partners with as many players as possible in their system. However, according to the new proposal, the teams could only have five partners with up to 150 contracts for smaller leagues. That's a big problem for teams like the New York Yankees who currently have eight teams with 285 players.

The size and composition of various leagues would change if some Triple A teams were asked to go to Single-A and some go the other way. Owners would be compensated for their loss in value, but the situation would not be ideal. Even more worrying would be the shutting down of short-season and rookie ball, which would effectively mean that the majority of conscripts do not play in the year in which they were selected.

These rules would help teams spend similar amounts of money and no team has an advantage because it decides to spend more. However, it's hard to see what benefits teams have when they're not just lining up their owners' pockets.

Why does MLB suggest these changes? After lobbyists persuaded Congress to exclude the league from federal labor law, players got louder on the matter, and the league is facing a class action lawsuit from 2014 onwards.

Several reports have indicated that players are likely to see a pay increase of up to 50 percent, but the owners will not only give away money for free. They tried to save money wherever possible, the first time that the qualifying supply dropped in value, and blue blood relatives who preferred to stay below the competitive equalization tax rather than trying to get good ones Sign and hold players.

The simplest explanation for why owners want this change is that they want to save money, and if they get a good press to increase the salaries of the players, that's just a sauce. And it should be disappointing for fans across the country.

Many baseball fans have no easy access to Major League Park or Major League entry fees. Losing a team after a city has spent public funds on a stadium would be catastrophic, even though MLB plans to loosen some teams into independent ball or wooden club summer leagues.

And the worst part is that there is no clear explanation why they are being cut down. The number of teams would help MLB's product in the field. Sport is a business, but owners should prioritize the game itself rather than spending pocket money here and there.

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