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MLB table, playoff picture update: Yankees win at Red Sox in AL East Races

The MLB 2018 regular season ends on Sunday, September 30, meaning that the postseason is only five weeks away. There are still many postseason races to be decided in the meantime.

Against this background, there is an update to the current American League postseason image. Here is the SportsLine projection system and here the AL postseason field looks like when the season ended today ( Click here for the National League Playoff image ):

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AL East Leader: Red Sox (90-42)

  • Still remaining games: 30 (1
    7 Home, 13 Away)
  • Winning odds Opponents: .509
  • SportsLine's playoff odds: 100.0 percent
  • WorldLines odds of SportsLine: 24.5 percent

The AL East Races were in pretty interesting last week. The Red Sox have slipped a bit – their first in the season – and lost six of their last eight games. Meanwhile, the Yankees have won eight times in their last nine games. They hacked 3 1/2 games from their division start last week. New York remains six games back in the AL East, but it's only five back in the losing column, and these two teams have six head-to-head games, including the last three regular season games at Fenway Park. [196592002] Of course, it's not ideal to leave six games behind in the next five weeks, but deficits like these have been wiped out before. It would not be unprecedented.

The Yankees have the lighter remaining schedule (.486 Remaining Income Profit Percentage) and within the next week or so they will retrieve Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius from the disabled list. Aaron Judge and Aroldis Chapman will return a little later in September. There is still a big hill to climb – a very big hill – but suddenly the AL East Race does not look like it did last week. The Yankees have done well in a short time.

AL Central Guide: Indians (74-56)

  • Games yet to be played: 32 (18 Home, 14 Away)
  • Opponent's Contribution: .448
  • The playoff odds by SportsLine: 100.0 percent
  • WorldLine odds of SportsLine: 12.5 percent

It's not over yet, but yes, the AL Central race is pretty much over. The Indians have 13x leading leadership in a division where no other team has a victory record. (The second place is Twins 61-69.) In addition, the Indians have after the winning percentage of the remaining opponent the simplest schedule for the rest of the season. Crazy things can happen. I bet against something crazy that happens at AL Central. The Indians have these in their pockets.

AL West Leader: Astros (80-50)

  • Games yet to be played: 32 (19 Home, 13 Away)
  • Winning odds of remaining opponents: .479
  • Odds The SportsLine: 99.1 percent
  • WorldLine SportsLine odds: 10.4 percent

The Astros have won five consecutive games – not coincidentally, Jose Altuve returned from the list of disabled five back games – to create a small breathing space in the AL West. They are now 1 1/2 games on the rising track and field. HowEVA, these two clubs start a three-game series on Monday night at Minute Maid Park. The preliminary pitching matchups:

Believe it or not, this is the last regular season series between the Astros and A & # 39; s. That is unfortunate. There is not a big meeting in September that you can look forward to. Houston has a 1 1/2 lead and a simpler remittance plan (.504 remaining enemy win share for the A's), plus, if things are really going south, they can be comforted by the fact that they're the regular ones Season with four quit games against an Orioles team on pace for 116 losses.

The A & # 39; s have performed exceptionally well lately – they took three of four of the twins over the weekend and have the best baseball record (45-16) since June 15 – to climb back into the AL West race. At one point they were 11 1/2 games outside. Now the deficit is only 1 1/2 games. However, there is still much to do to win the division.

AL Wildcard Guide: Yankees (83-47)

  • Remaining Games: 32 (17 Home, 15 Away)
  • Winning odds of remaining opponent: .486
  • playoff odds the SportsLine: 99.9 percent
  • SportsLines World Series odds: 8.1 percent

Last week was a good week for the Yankees. They went 5-1 against some poor rivals (Marlins and Orioles), including winning four games in three days at Camden Yards over the weekend. Since this ugly game in Fenway Park, the Yankees are 15-5. They have already won their 26th winning streak, the second-longest of their kind in history

In the face of recent developments, the Yankees are surely concentrating on stealing the title AL East. They are left five games back in the losing column with six games with the Red Sox. They control their own destiny. New York considers the Wild Card Game fallback. They are currently playing 4 1/2 games on the A for the top of the Wild Card and 9 1/2 games on the Mariners for a post-season slot in general. Noteworthy: The Yankees and A & # 39; s play three games in Oakland next week.

AL Wildcard Vice: Athletics (79-52)

  • Remaining Games: 31 (16 Home, 15 Away) [19659006] Remaining percentage of opponent: .504
  • Playoff odds of SportsLine: 90.0 percent
  • WorldLine SportsLine odds: 2.4 percent

As the Yankees, athletics undoubtedly focuses on the division's title now, with the Wild Card Game as fallback. They are 4 1/2 games behind New York for the top spot of the Wild Card and five games on the Mariners for second place in the Wild Card. The A & # 39; s are playing three games against the Astros this week and three games against the Yankees next week, giving them the chance to break into the AL West and the Wild Card's top rankings. Otherwise, a postsason spot is reasonably safe.

Foreign teams look for

  • Mariners: 74-56 (10.5 percent postseason odds per SportsLine)
  • Rays: 70-61 (<1.0 percent of postseason odds per SportsLine )

I just mention the Rays here because they swept three games from the Red Sox over the weekend – it was the first time Boston has been swept all season – and have won a total of eight games in a row. Tampa is 36-21 since June 20, the third-best record in baseball behind the Red Sox (41-16) and A & # 39; s (41-16). They have been quite successful lately. That said, the Rays remain 19 1/2 games in the division and nine games back from Oakland for second place the Wild Card. As they have been playing lately, Tampa is still an absolute top candidate even after the season.

As for the Mariners, they have won two out of three of the leading Diamondbacks of the West in Arizona this weekend, but the A & # 39; s are so hot that Seattle has lost yet another game in the table this weekend , The Mariners are 5-7 in their last 12 games and that's just not good enough to race with the AL power plants. They are currently 6 1/2 games back in the division and five games back from second place wild card. It's worth noting that the Mariners and A & # 39; s have seven head-to-head games this season, including four this weekend in Oakland. Seattle is sure uphill. They are not out yet.

Teams eliminated

It's not yet September and the Orioles and Royals are playing meaningless games. They were eliminated from the postseason dispute. The O & # 39; s and Royals are now playing to avoid being only the third (and fourth) team since 1953 to win less than 50 games in a season, expanding 1962 Mets (40-120) and The Terrible 2003 Tigers ] (43-119). The Orioles must go 13-18 the rest of the way to achieve 50 victories. Given their season so far, that seems scary.

The White Sox, Tigers and Rangers are the next teams eliminated from the post-season contest, although all three clubs will stay alive for at least the rest of the week. Your elimination numbers:

  • Rangers: 10 in the wild-card race, 9 in the division race
  • Tigers: 6 in the wild-card race, 11 in the division race
  • White Sox : 5 in the Wild Card Race, 10 in the Division Race

With the AL so heavy, only six teams left alive in the postseason races could need another two weeks in the regular season

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