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MLB Trade Grades: Yankees deal for Lance Lynn is calculated risk | MLB

For the second time in a row, the Yankees and Twins were candidates for "Let's Make a Deal" at MLB's close.

This year, the bombers in Jaime Garcia opened the door # 1 instead of the "Zonk" and received a great, valuable prize in Lance Lynn.

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On the other hand, the Twins get a mixed bag with Tyler Austin and pitcher Luis Rijo. How It Works:

MLB Trading Classes

New York Yankees: B

Most Yankee fans were a bit confused when trading fell, especially when looking at Lynn's totals: 201

8 he will pitch a 5.10 ERA ( 4.72 FIP), 1.63 WHIP, and 1.1 HR / 9th. These are all bad, and these are all career scandals for Lynn.

But looking at his last 12 launches, Lynn has apparently turned it around and pitched in 65 innings to 3.74 ERA while the opponents hit .233 against him

It's no gamble to trade Tyler Austin, because With the re-emergence of Greg Bird and the busy Yankees outfield (if it's healthy), Austin has no real place in the field. It's more of a gamble because the Yankees have to hope that the Lynn they own are Lynn from the beginning and not Lynn from the beginning of this year. They can not afford to continue playing games if they want to do well in the division against the Red Sox, and Lynn was not that outstanding this season.

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It will also be interesting to see if Lynn slips into the rotation or the bullpen. The Yankees had their fair share of rotational problems between injuries and inefficiency in 2018, and Lynn is a stable insurance option. Not to mention, this move also gives them the flexibility to put aspiring Sonny Gray on a trade for a bigger impact starter – it's a longshot, but it's on the table.

There's also the fact that Lynn has played well against the Red Sox in his career, but with the way the Yankees resigned in 2018 against other AL East opponents, it will not really matter how well, he beats Boston if he is less good against everyone else.) There are positives and negatives to this business for the Yankees, but if Lynn can continue his hot ways, the Yankees may have found a solid pitching staffing on the cheap ,

Minnesota Twins: B

The Twins It's wise to break them in 2018, even though they were in second division in the division on the morning of July 31st – that's usually really, since the Twins 49 -56 and eight games behind Cleveland for # 1 are spot in a very bad AL Central

In Tyler Austin, the Twins get a player who has played well in spurts. It's a story of two Tylers in 2018, as Austin .290 / .362 / .629, with five long balls in 17 games between March and April. With same playing time in May and June, Austin put up an average of 153 with three home runs played in 17 games. He has no room on the Yankees after 2018 after buying Luke Voit, so he was a spare.

Nevertheless, there is potential for the former top prospects. Austin turns 27 in just under a month and his bat has shown flashes of pop that the twins could desperately use. In 2019, should he team up, Austin could be valuable for the Twins as a backup-first baseman or outfielder.

The other player in the deal, Luis Rijo, just has no place in the Yankee roster at the moment. While he's 19 years old and doing well, the Yankees' farm system is pitching talented and he's still a few years from being on the Major League Radar. The Twins got an arm with a lot of potential, which could possibly sneak up on a list of the top 30 prospective buyers, should it develop further.

Overall Rating: B

The Yankees Did not Get a Sexy Name In Lance Lynn, they have an experienced, effective arm to support the rotation – or possibly the bullpen, depending on where they place it.

The Twins traded Lynn, a freelance agent after this year, against a young bat who is under control for the next few seasons and a lookout arm that might turn out to be something. Overall fair trade on both sides, if not the most striking.

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