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MLBTR Poll: Rate the Edwin Encarnacion Swap

The Yankees met early this weekend and made a deal with the Mariners to record Slugger. Edwin Encarnacion . It is said to have cost the club a pitching perspective ( Juan Then ) and about $ 7 million in salary commitments (about half of the balance of the Ms this season and a 2020 option buyout owed). [19659002] (I would like to overlook the fact that I predicted EE as the next player to have recently been chatting in. Unfortunately, I was also a bit dismissive in discussing the Yankees as a potential candidate.)

It is hard Not to love the potential look of the Yanks cast, with Encarnacion added to the mix. He blurred the opposite of pitching with a .241

/ .356 / .531 slash line and 21 home runs in Seattle. Given that the other hungry players Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton were on their way to recovery, not to mention the players who were already on the active squad, the Bronx bombers have a power unworldly bats down the track.

There is certainly an argument that the New York organization should consider starting pitching as a top priority. And that may well be the case. Adding EE barely precludes further steps to adding weapons. The Yankees have taken on luxury tax obligations and have approached the highest penalty with this swap. However, the deal could also help the team deploy the young outfielder Clint Frazier in another turn.

The Americans are currently leading the way in the AL East, but it is a precarious game. The rays seem to stay here while the Red Sox have steadily retreated into range. The addition of Encarnacion provides immediate boost, protects against further injury problems or setbacks, and provides a huge catch-up. On the other hand, it is a costly move for an older player joining a collection of defensively limited sluggers, with Luke Voit already on the first base and Judge & Stanton possibly justifying a certain DH time when they return.

] How do you rate the move? (Link to survey for app users.)

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