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MMA fighter Dakota Bush tries strange drop-kick thing, misses

Hey, give Dakota Bush points for the try.

The Missouri lightweight wanted to do something … umm … on Friday night in his LFA-67 bout against Jaleel Willis

he wanted a flying knee? Maybe he has tried something completely new that we have never seen before. Maybe the video would become viral if he did everything he tried, and we would talk about the most innovative move in MMA since Anthony Pettis revealed "The Showtime Kick."

Because Willis Bush simply avoided the way, who was flying like a professional wrestler through the air and tried a dropkick at high speed, and then crashed onto the mat.

Here's Bush's attempt to do anything he tried via @Grabaka_Hitman on Twitter:

That's how the night went for Bush, who dropped a unanimous decision to Willis. But we are sure he will come back. Bush is 6-2 in his career and has scored three wins in his last five bouts in bare-bottomed chokes. If he builds on what he obviously knows we will one day write about him again.

And hey, we have some fun here, but it's no shame to try.

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