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Mod transforms your Tesla into a rolling surveillance system

Scout alerts sent via IFTTT are delayed by about one minute due to the time required to record a video. Currently, you must create your own web server for this to work. However, it also uses hardware and off-the-shelf code without having to rip your car. Theoretically, anyone who is reasonably technical could use it.

Whether he does this or not is another matter. It could help thwart thieves, stalkers and vandals, but there is also a danger of marking innocent people who happen to have the same drive or are curious about the car. In some states, such as Georgia and New Hampshire, it may also be illegal to use an automatic license plate reader.

There are also privacy implications. It would not cost much to modify the code to create a network of cars that can track people across large areas, and even a single car could contain a wealth of sensitive data. In many ways, the scout advocates restricting access to car cameras ̵

1; there is a noticeable amount of room for abuse.

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