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Moderate Dems smokes because of the threat from Ocasio-Cortez's list

Moderate Democrats are upset over the closed warning by New York Democratic MEP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last week that Democrats voting with Republicans are "on a roll" – a comment that interprets as a primary threat threat becomes.

Ocasio-Cortez has since downplayed their comments after 26 Democrats joined the Republicans to vote for a provision stating that the immigration and customs authorities must be alerted when illegal immigrants try To buy weapons.

OCASIO- CORTEZ warns of "list" for "modern" voting with Republicans

However, some House Democrats are not satisfied with their talk of a "list".

"I do not think it's productive." Dan Kildee said on Saturday's Fox News "Cavuto Live."

. He added, "I do not think we should influence the politics of the other side, the people who voted us can make those decisions."

New Jersey Democratic MEP Josh Gottheimer, a co-chair of the problem Solvers Caucus said Ocasio-Cortez had spoken with the word "list" "Nixonian" 1

9659005] "Being unified means ensuring that Democrats are not any other sitting democrats," Gottheimer told The Washington Post When is it all right to put you on a Nixonian list? We need a big tent in our party, or we will not keep the house or win the White House. "

Last week, the brouhaha started as two Dozens of moderate Democrats broke out of the progressive wing of their party and sided with the Republicans A change in the law pertaining to illegal immigrants and weapons

In a subsequent closed-door session, House spokesperson Nancy Pelosi scolded her reluctant, inward-looking counterparts, according to The Washington Post: "We're either a team or we're not. "

Ocasio-Cortez then told the Democrats that those who voted with the Republicans" put themselves on a list ". Ocasio-Cortez later claimed that she did not talk about a list for primary challenges. [19659005] "I did not say they were on a pre-election list," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. "I said that by distinguishing Dems procedural votes, they had inadvertently set up a list of targets for the GOP and for progressive advocates in their ICE vote."

Responding to Ocasio-Cortez & # 39; Comments, a party strategist working for moderate Democrats argued that Ocasio-Cortez "does not respect the views of other Democrats who do not accept their progressive policies.

"My main complaint about AOC is that I respect their voice in the party. I do not believe that they respect my or those other people who are politically different or who come from a different political electoral reality," said John Anzalone, a Democratic pollster in Alabama.

It has been speculated since she was elected to Congress that Ocasio-Cortez could be involved in primary democratic struggles in 2020, notably with the group of Justice Democrats representing the incumbent incumbent Democrats that they for inadequate progressive signaling plans, of which Ocasio-Cortez is convinced is geared towards this group.

It is a tactic that was rightly taken up by some conservative groups and politicians, especially during the 2010 and 2012 elections the Acting Legislators in House and Senate by conservative challengers in the Vor were displaced.

Bradford Betz of Fox News contributed to this report.

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