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Modern Warfare Multiplayer offers female characters

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In response to a post on Reddit, Infinity Ward's Communications Manager confirmed the prospect of female character models in Modern Warfare multiplayer.

Modern Warfare Female Soldiers

The original post asked whether or not Activision and Infinity Ward will introduce female soldiers to the MP or not, and Ashton Williams has since commented and affirmed this.


This means that players have the option of being soldier in The upcoming game.

This is not the only case involving women in Modern Warfare, a recent Los Angeles Times article confirms that campaign e A soldier from the Middle East can be seen.

Female characters were previously unavailable in the Modern Warfare series. The upcoming song is more like a reboot than an identical remaster, but it can be added.

This news is not surprising, although it is not the first time that female characters have been included in the Call of Duty series. Raven Software has added female soldiers to COD 4 Remastered as part of a free December update. In addition, Treyarch has released female characters in Black Ops 3, so players can choose the gender of their character in the single player campaign. Other COD games followed as well.

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Already in May in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, studio narrative director Taylor Kurosaki mentioned that this was the "right time" for a female protagonist to be included in Call of Duty. As with Battlefield V, it seems that the imminent repetition of the franchise will place a focus on female soldiers.

Battlefield V – Historical inaccuracy check

EA DICE has been reviewing critics and fans since its revelation last year, covering its latest Battlefield rate. Fans of the franchise claimed that portraying a protagonist was historically inaccurate. The female figure was also included on the front page of the game. It is believed that the backlash led to fewer purchases of the title, although EA DICE still generated over 7 million sales.

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