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Modi not a Chowkidar, but Bhagidar, people victim of his gimmick: Rahul

The President of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, made a devastating attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, accusing him of being a "Bhagidar" (collaborator) instead of a "Chowkidar" The victims of his "bauble" [19659002] Following an unaddressed and scathing criticism of modes over multiple editions including the Rafale Fighter Jet deal, Gandhi went about modes with the green carpeting of Lok Sabha and hugged him, a gesture that surprised everyone in the house.

In an over one hour long speech about the motion of no confidence in his support, Gandhi was the TDP, like many others, "a victim of the BJP's political weapon, which was called jumla strike." (Gimmick) The TDP has the motion of no confidence shifted against the NDA government.

Gandhi told the government about the Rafale agreement: "I'm not reluctant to say that … under the pressure of Prime Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, untruths said the people who are being helped?" Nirmala ji, PM ji, please tell

He said that the Prime Minister had promised to be a "Chowkidar" but had become a "Bhagidar".

A heated exchange between BJP and opposition members followed his remarks when Sitharaman heard Gandhi "mislead the house".

Gandhi's speech was marked by vociferous protests from the tax authorities as he targeted modes and the RSS, BJP, and its projected top leaders as agents of "anger and hatred" and "thanked" for giving him the importance of a congressman, one Indian and Hindu so understandable that he can only have "love" for them.

He ended his speech with a touch of drama as he walked over to Modi and hugged him. The prime minister shook his hand but ignored Gandhi's request to hug him.

However, the congressional hugged him as he sat. Modi called him then, as he turned around, shook his hands again and patted him.

In his speech, Gandhi claimed he would also express the feelings of part of the ruling party when he attacked Modi and BJP President Amit Shah, claiming that the entire opposition and "some of your people (BJP)" would stand in the elections unite to defeat them.

He said that while the BJP was just abusing him, he was heated and called "Pappu" had no anger and hatred for her, only love.

Modes and Shah were "different types of politicians" because they can not afford to lose power, unlike Congress, which is in order and loses.

The BJP leaders act "out of fear" As "other processes" begin when they lose power and that has generated anger that "crushes" India, Gandhi said.

At the Rafale Thing, he claimed that the Defense Secretary is refuting her promise of disclosing the fighter plane's price details under modes of "pressure," triggering broad protests from Treasury banks with Sitharaman seeking a chance.

Since Gandhi did not want to give in, spokesman Sumitra Mahajan Sitharaman asked to respond to the indictment after his speech. 1

9659002] Continuing his tirade, Gandhi said he had asked the French president, according to the Indian government, that they could not share the price details due to a secret pact between India and France. The French leader told him that there was no such pact, he added.

He said everyone knows the relationship that has modes to some people, and everyone can see how much money goes into the prime minister's marketing.

"Everyone understands the Prime Minister's relationship with certain people money that goes into the marketing of the Prime Minister, and everyone knows who financed it, one of these people got the Rafale contract, the gentleman benefited from 450 billion Rs." he claimed.

The Investor, which had received a loan of Rs. 350 billion, received a contract under the Rafale Agreement and received Rs. 450 billion, the Congress President said, requesting Modi to respond if the Cabinet Committee approves Decision should be made. The contract was taken by HAL, a power supply, he said.

Targeting modes, he said: "I can see him smile, it's a touch of nervousness, he looks away, not in my eyes." Intensifies protests from financial banks with members of the opposition who stand up to oppose them.

That's the truth, he's not a "Chowkidar" but a "Bhagidaar" (employee), he said.

Parliamentary Minister Ananth Kumar accused him of making a "slanderous" statement that violates parliamentary rules. The whole family does not care about the constitution, he said.

The Congressional continued its attack on Modi and said the PM "betrayed" Indian soldiers who rose up against the Chinese army in Dokalam without speaking to the Chinese president

The government renounced debt worth He added 2,5 trillion rupees from 15-20 richest people and industrialists, adding that the finance minister refuses to give up peasant loans because they do not wear suits like the rich.

When he accused Modi of helping his "friends" by not lowering oil prices as they fell worldwide, there were renewed protests.

Kumar said he must reject his allegations and the spokesman is forced to adjourn the house at short notice Gandhi tells treasury benches "Daromatte, Daromatte … Sach se daro mat (do not be afraid of the truth)."

As the house continued, Mahajan asked Gandhi and other members to maintain decency and restraint in their behavior, and said further It should be evidence when violent allegations are made.

The congressional chief projected the Modi government as one of the 15-20 richest people and industrialists, while Dalits, tribesmen, peasants, minorities, youth, and women felt excluded.

He also raised alleged financial irregularities concerning BJP President Amit Shah's son, whom he described as a friend of Modi, and said the Prime Minister did not speak when Shah's son's revenue rose dramatically.

The recent migration of the MSP for multiple harvests by the government as another "Jumla strike" as Modis' 2014 Lok Sabha election "promises" to give employment to two million youths every year and raise Rs 1.5 million in bank accounts To deposit people.

The MSP Migration This will bring benefits of Rs. 100 billion to farmers across the country, while the Government of Karnataka of the Congress-JD (S) alliance given them peasants in the state's services worth 340 billion rupees The problem of women's safety, Gandhi said for the first time in history, is that India is considered a country in the world where women are not sure.

Women, Dalits and minorities are being attacked across the country and the Prime Minister does not speak, he said. Whenever an Indian is attacked, it is an attack on the constitution and its architect BR Ambedkar, he said.

The ministers garnish those who are accused of such crimes and speak about changing the constitution, he said.

The BJP and RSS He taught him what it means to be in Congress, what Lord Shiva means and what it means to be a Hindu.

In support of the no-confidence motion, he said that TDP, like many others, is "a victim" of BJP's political weapon called "Jumla (Gimmick) Strike." "The TDP has postponed the motion against the NDA government.

" You are a victim of the 21st century political weapon. The political weapon is the & # 39; Jumla strike & # 39 ;. There are many, many more victims like you, "he added, adding that the peasants, youth, Dalits, tribesmen and women are the victims of this government weapon.

The congressional chief referred to the sum of 1.5 Millions of rupees that every Indian was promised by the BJP After bringing in all the black money deposited abroad, he called it "Jumla strike number one."

Gandhi raised the issue of unemployment, which he described as " www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…39&Itemid=32 He also said that unemployment has peaked in the last four years

"That 's the truth Your Holiness, "he said.

The demonetization decision injured the peasants and the poor, destroying their jobs.

The G ST was designed by the Congress and rejected by Modi, the then Prime Minister of Gujarat his The NDA government opted for several tax rates and sent income tax officials into small retailers' homes.

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