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Mohamed Salah Ate Roma lives

Photo: Clive Brunskill (Getty)

In the middle of the process, finding the precise Hannibal reference to throw in a headline, like Mohamed Salah, the Roman forces in today's fantastic Champions League semi-final against Liverpool After a 5-0 deficit, the team won 5-2 and made the planned speech on a historic semi-final on the way to an impressive European Championship. Man, what a way to dampen the mood, Liverpool.

Let's not lose sight of the big picture here. For a good 80 minutes today, Liverpool was in its best terrorist form. This accusation was, of course, led by Salah, whose awe-inspiring, balloon-dignified exploits, which you may have read about in a wonderfully forward-looking blog post on this page today, once again showed how impossible it is for anyone to hold him stuck when he is on his idiocy. Salah had a direct hand in the first four goals of the Pool Boys. He shot the first with a textbook curling from a stupid angle and refused to celebrate against his old team:

For his next talent, he rewrote his name with a second goal in the hit list, one, both Bestial Power showed and corporeality with his blistering run through the Roma defense and delicacy and grace with this feathery chip to throw the ball into the net:

Salah helped Sadio Mané for the third with another quick run into the room, the Roma

(Also, why did Roma give the most dangerous man in the sport so much space to work the whole game? Did they forget how fast he has been in the 10 months since he left them? " Is there a clause in the referral that brought the former Roma man to Liverpool, who says the Reds owe their Italian colleague more money when Salah the Ballo n d "Or wins?"

Finally, the Egyptian added Another Assistance, this time to Rob erto Firmino, by completely undressing Roman's Juan Jesus with a nasty move that unexpectedly cut him to his weaker right foot, before he submitted the fatal passport:

Soon afterwards. emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art … = 157 & lang = DE This goal, with Anfield rocks with the energies that can beat the stadium alone, when the fans are in the way they were today, Firmino fucked his team's fifth goal from one corner, and the match started to look more like a dream than a dream feel real-life UCL semi-finals. The victory itself would be almost secondary to how much Liverpool beat the Roma and whether they would best play in the long run with a U-23 side in Rome to see the impossible. They had a 8-0 lead in the first leg where they would inevitably dash in before the end of the day. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp sent Salah off for Danny Ings 15 minutes before the end of the game, and so was the confidence that the match was already over and wiped out.

Klopp may have opted for his decision to eliminate Salah from murdering Roma at will, but it was a defensible decision. Salah has played a ton this season, and he already looked gassed during the Premier League game against West Brom at the weekend. Klopp probably knows that there will not be many opportunities to breathe into his much-weary star-man for the rest of the season – not if Salah is likely to start every league match in his quest to beat the season record – and noted that his team would not miss Salah for a measly quarter of an hour with a 5-0 advantage in a match that had completely dominated his team.

All thinking about historical victories and foresighted caution proved .. hasty. Roma did not recall being late in their big first-leg defeat by Barcelona in the final round of the competition and an away goal, resulting in a 1: 4 loss. The seemingly irrelevant consolation hit proved crucial to the shocking 3-0 win in the first leg, which left Barça short. Enough to say that Roma was very strong even against Liverpool, knew that there was still a lot to play and made sure that everything was tried.

As in this legendary Barcelona case, Edin Džeko's goal was to give the Roma hope. Dejan Lovren did what Dejan Lovren sometimes does, and made a boneheaded mistake, from which Džeko capitalized with one goal:

A few minutes later, James Milner was whistled for a whistle handball in the Roma box. Substitute Diego Perotti's penalty increased as he passed goalkeeper Loris Karius and fired the wind from the roaring Anfield crowd. While most Liverpoolers were busy scoffing at their Real Madrid supporters as the Reds would make ends meet in the final of the Champions League Blanco's the Roma had retreated into the fight in that duel and turned what might be an iconic outburst into something that threateningly turned into a tortured choke job. Given the top spots this team has routinely played this season, it would not have shocked anyone if Roma had scored one or two more goals in the final moments of the game and made it really interesting.

Unfortunately, Roma's comeback ended only with the two goals and the game ended at 5-2. This in turn is a decisive advantage. If you promised a Liverpool player, coach, or fan before the game that the Reds would be on the other side of the first leg with a lead of three, they would have their own souls and probably those of a few of the unborn children. And while three goals can be scored in Liverpool each time against Liverpool's occasionally shaky defense and mediocre midfield, Liverpool are not the kind of team that lose 3-0 – especially not for a team that finds it so impossible Find hold with the speed of Salah and Mané on the counter. Liverpool have a great result in hand, they will certainly beat the Roma as well as in similar circumstances against Manchester City in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and should feel comfortable in the final against Madrid or Bayern Munich. [19659007] And yet it still feels almost like a disappointment, like a lost chance that Liverpool would not really be able to finish the tone of the final phase of the Champions League with the terrible and immaculate victory they were on today. This will probably not matter in the short or long term. But the Roma are still technically alive, and you do not need a long memory to realize how dangerous that can be.

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