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Mom dies after weeks of fighting the rare rodent virus

A New Mexico family mourns a 27-year-old mother who had spent weeks fighting for her life after being infected by a rare rodent-borne virus. Kiley Lane that leaves a two-year-old daughter, died on 18 April at the Hospital of the University of New Mexico, where she was treated intensively against the hantavirus and had a machine to support their heart and lung function used [19659004DieSymptomevonLanebegannenimJanuarundsiehatteangenommendassessichumeineGrippehandelteIhrEhemannKevindrängtesieüberprüftzuwerdennachdemsieüberstarkeBauchschmerzenundÜbelkeitgeklagthatteNachmehrerenverschiedenenDiagnosenwurdesieimFebruarpositivaufHantavirusgetestetundanschließendzurBehandlunganUNHMweitergeleitet

Hantavirus is a rare disease that is typically spread by contact with infected deer mice or their faeces or urine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it has so far been documented only 728 times in 36 states. The majority of cases were reported in states west of the Mississippi. It is deadly to 36 percent of victims and can not be transferred from one person to another.

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Lane's family had documented their struggle on a YouCaring site and was optimistic about the treatment with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). It works by supplementing the heart and lungs to pump and oxygenate the body.

"This virus is starting to attack your body, it is damaging your organs," Julie Barron, Lane's mother, had previously told Fox News. "The first thing that happened with Kiley is her lungs, they're in a really critical shape."

As of April 15, the family on the YouCaring site started asking for prayers that Lane's health was deteriorating , Barron wrote on April 17 that family and friends had visited Lane and helped this family look after their little daughter. A post on April 20 said that Lane had died.

"Kiley Rianna Terrell Lane left this world and peacefully joined her Heavenly Father on April 18 th surrounded by her loving husband, mother, sister and family" The Post read, part. "Kiley bravely fought a battle to survive a deadly virus for weeks at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, Kiley and the family were comforted by your generous declaration of love, which was a heartbreaking time, but your thoughts and prayers were felt throughout held them upright. "


Lane's family had said this before, "I'm not sure from where they could have the virus, but they wanted others to face the dangers

"It's not that she was rummaging through a dumpster or infected rodents," Barron told Fox News earlier. "She was doing her normal day-to-day routine – sweeping the porch and wiping a box with a paper towel. Everyone has the impression, "that will never happen to me."

A monument is scheduled for April 28th.

Fox News & # 39; Jennifer Earl contributed to this report.

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