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Money-Saving Apps That You Should Use For Your  New Year Shopping

If there is something that has become a burden to most people nowadays it is saving. It is because they spend a lot until they have nothing remaining for them to save. Lack of savings will mean that you won’t have any money for investments or even an emergency. Thanks to advanced technology, there are money-saving apps you can use for saving. Did you know that you can save by spending? If you love shopping, then this is the right place for you. Do not go shopping where you will only spend without getting anything in return. You can now purchase anything you want and at the same time, get enough money that you can save from that purchased item. Another good thing about shopping with these money-saving apps is that it will cut the cost of transport for going to the shop. The following are some of the best money-saving apps that you use for your shopping.


Rakuten is a money-saving app that promises up to 40% saving on purchases that you make. However, you will not make that 40% saving on every purchase. The app allows you to choose up to twenty-five thousand stored to shop from, thus making it easy to get cashback on your purchase.

Ways to save through Rakuten

  •         Affiliate cash back

You can get money using this method by browsing the offers available from the twenty-five thousand stores. After finding one, click on the link then check out when still on your app until the purchase is complete. After completion of the purchase, you will receive provisional cashback on your account

  •         Double cashback

To save through this method, you must be time-sensitive because it is not something that is always there. You must be checking your app frequently and act quickly. Here you will get double cashback when you purchase with select retailers through the app.

2.       Honey app

It is a saving money app that automatically searches for coupons on the stores you love to save you money and time. The good thing about it is that it is free and it is user-friendly. It saves up to 18% of your purchases. The good thing about the app is that it will search for you instant saving opportunities, thus saving you the headache of searching them from the internet. In its database, there is a wide range of vendors other than shopping stores. They also have restaurant chains and travel booking platforms. You can get discounts through honey’s drop list. You will be receiving notifications on the items you have added to the honey’s drop list once their prices drop. You can download it on your android or ios.

3.       Snip snap

It is a mobile coupon app allowing users to create mobile coupons redeemable at the stores though photographing a printed coupon. The app will scan the original coupon’s images, barcodes and recreate a mobile coupon that looks the same as that found published in-store advertisements.

How it works

Use the app to snap a photo of any paper coupon. It will then scan its images and barcodes and upload all the details to its database. After that process, you will now have a mobile coupon that you can redeem at any of your favorite stores. The app also allows you to share scanned coupons, therefore, allowing you to use and search coupons of another shopper. If you do not want to snap photos of cards, the app will enable you to search through its coupon database and offers from various retailers. The good thing about the app is that it will notify you whenever the coupons are about to expire. Therefore you will be sure to use your coupons and save money. You will also get potential saving alerts whenever you enter a participating store.

4.       Coupons.com

It is a money-saving app that offers online coupons concentrating on providing saving on popular items. The app is available both in android and ios devices. The following are the ways that you can save money using the app.

  •         Using printable coupons

To save from this method, you will have to visit the coupons database of the app to look for offers that you would like to print. After you have chosen your offer, print it using a coupon printer to make it redeemable at the stores. After that, you can now go shopping and save money.

  •         Using coupons.com savings card

For you to save money using this method, you will have to create an account with coupons.com and add your savings card to the account. Visit the saving card coupons database to choose the coupons you will add to your saving card to print them. Once entering your saving card number at the checkout, your coupon will be applied, and the amount will go directly to your account.

  •         By joining saving clubs

When you join these saving clubs, you will get an added advantage over the others. You will have higher- value coupons than the others and exclusive coupon finder that will find you the best offers available. You will also get early access to great offers once you join these clubs. It will help you save more money than those who have not entered.

5.       Paribus app

It is an app that notifies you on any price drop, saving you the time and energy of keeping visiting the site every time to see if the prices of items have dropped. What the app does is notice the price drops of purchased items. After that, you will contact the customer service of the store you have made your purchase and show them proof that you have made a purchase. Then finally you will wait for the refund to be approved and you will receive the money on your account. Moreover, the app also ensures that your items are delivered, and on time and if not, it provides you get late delivery fees, thus maximizing your earnings. For more detail on this you can check out The Money Pig’s Paribus review.

So remember to make saving an essential aspect of your life. If you do not have a habit of saving, then you will have many financial problems. Try using these money-saving apps that will bring you extra cash for you to save.