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Money (stolen money) may not put guilty parties above the law – Comment

  Money (stolen money) is not allowed to put guilty parties above the law - Commentary

Malaysians have been treated with a nefarious display of finger pointing and denial by the most guilty entities and individuals over 1MDB in the last few hours To blame and leave the hook. That may not be allowed.

Both former Prime Minister Najib and his top banker Goldman Sachs made hundreds of millions of the thefts, but we must now witness their incredible attempts to find scapegoats and avoid persecution.

First, the CEO of Goldman, who launched his public counter-attack against the series of civil and criminal cases that have risen in New York and Kuala Lumpur against the bank. He did not point to the corruption of 1

MDB and in particular to his political boss Najib as a responsible party during an "apology" to the Malaysian people:

"It is very clear that the people of Malaysia have been cheated by many individuals, including the highest members of the former government . "[Malaysiakini]

The highest member was former Prime Minister Najib.

This damning statement by the bank's chief executive in The Trial recognizes the fraud and blames the door of its main client, who was both Minister of Finance and Prime Minister and sole signatory to 1MDB.

Of course, Malaysia's self-deception and indisputable PM was instantly back in the case, although the last remnant of his tail-and-bull story had just fallen from the fact that no money was stolen. He went to the media with his own statement that Goldman should take responsibility not to protect the interests of 1MDB.

"We have set up a system that cares about our interests. If they fail, they must take responsibility because they have been appointed and paid by 1MDB to take care of our interests. "

No word of his own responsibility, as the prime minister was Minister of Finance and pressed his fingers firmly In both ears against the refrain of criticism and concern over the management of the Fund for many years – threats and detention of those who expressed themselves.

While the Malays were trying to digest that outrageous piece of cheek, Najib and his legal team took it to a whole new level with a petition to the court that same afternoon to delay his trial for multiple theft of public funds …… , unlimited!

Everyone knows that the trial of Najib and the zipping of his mouth are long overdue. The appointment was delayed far beyond reasonable limits thanks to an orchestrated Panky-Panky immediately after election by his then-current Pet Chief Chief Justice.

However, players like Najib are used to big stakes – outrageous demands, huge rewards, out of jail cards. This is the life he lived unlike the rest of us who are expected to abide by the normal principles of the law.

And in the same category of Najib, of course, are the best bankers in the world, the masters of the world the universe, "which can wreak havoc on the rest of us, but expect to fly safely away from the catastrophic scenes in their private jets, ie At the same time he apologized to them at the epicenter of the recent Goldman phenomena (followed by people like Libya, Greece and a man who had lost his shirts during the recent global financial crash) wanted the new CEO David Solomon will give those two relatively small employees the rest the bank wants to lay all the blame for misappropriating billions of dollars.

I'm almost sorry for Dr Tim Leissner, the sly party boss Goldman Division Southeast Asia, who acted as the key channel f or Jho Low over 1MDB (in return for known reverse scores) $ 100 million). Leissner's buddy, Roger Ng, wounded in KL with a US delivery request in KL, is the other scapegoat Goldman uses.

An important part of today's New York Times blames Goldman's tactics, which are blamed for the terrible carelessness and criminal acts of the bank regarding 1MDB against these two employees.

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"They sound like the ingredients of a mushy thriller: Bigamy , Secret religious conversions. Promotion in a mail order mill. Affairs with powerful women.
The Dirty List – a mix of facts, allegations and allusions wrapped in a brilliant slide show – forms the core of a well-organized campaign by Goldman Sachs to discredit and minimize one of his former partners The Role of Wall Street Bank in the plunder of a large Malaysian investment fund.
In recent presentations to US regulators and law enforcement officials, Goldman executives and their attorneys have portrayed Tim Leissner, formerly a front-run investment banker, a head scammer, someone so devious that even the retired ones are, according to their content military spies who work for the bank can not spy.
The Scorched Earth tactic, especially against someone who had been a Starbanker. Consider how worried Goldman is about the criminal investigation into his role in stealing at least $ 2.7 billion from the 1Malaysia Development Berhad or 1MDB, the sovereign, alth fund. "[More in New York Times]

The problem is that you do not have to listen to all this after Goldman Sachs made the arrangements to know something was wrong when the bank traded with 1MDB and 1MDB on their bond top Asia One, as every reader of the Sarawak Report and the resulting recognition throughout Asia and the world can testify.

Goldman Sachs received red light warnings from 2013 that things were wrong, warnings that accelerated and intensified as a whole The 1MDB scandal exploded in early 2015 on this blog.

The moment the Sarawak Report launched one of the secret Power Purchase Purchase Agreements in July 2013, we reported that there was clear evidence of fraud, not least in the non-commissioned commissions that were charged. However, the Goldman Hierachy and Due Dilligence teams, in fact the top executives, must have already scrutinized all of this documentation.

CEO David Solomon could now dismiss Tim Leissner's qualifications and claim that he was an arch fraudster who even derided the military intelligence agents who checked the personnel, but Sarawak Report – as a total outsider on the matter – was not all that subtle The fact that a Doctor of Somerset University was forged because no one has heard of the University of Somerset – it does not exist as a regulated institution.

Despite our release of this obvious fact, it was not until well into 2016 that Leissner was on leave and then released for alleged inadequacy by the bank having nothing to do with 1MDB.

What is clear is that the appeal of Leissner for Goldman Sachs was his access to some of Asia's most corrupt politicians, with whom the bank proved willing to do business. The present indictment of US prosecutors cites a culture in the bank that allowed Leissner to bypass the facade of compliance structures by breaking transactions such as 1MDB.

In addition, the same prosecutors say that Leissner in his plea has named another employee Bank (his next boss Andrew Vella was already on leave), who helped and worked with him for stealing 1MDB money and bribing foreign officials.

However, what ultimately damages Goldman Sachs dealings with this whole affair was the Bank's failure to admit, take or pronounce its failures on 1MDB until the moment the Malaysian people took the matter into their own hands and Najib Razak ejected on 9 May last year.

Until then, there were no recordings and no apology from the bank. No ratings of 1MDB bond issues, no further layoffs, nothing. At that point, the bank needed to know, because the whole of Malaysia knew that huge sums of money had disappeared from their bond deals, from which each senior Goldman boss personally made big bonuses. However, the bank has done nothing to address or admit the problem.

The reason was that Goldman Sachs, like any other "expert" in Malaysia, had expected Najib to win GE14. There would never be enough popular power or sufficient anger of the people to smuggle it out was the usual wisdom, and the bank was wrong to do so.

If Najib had won GE14, of course, today Malaysia would claim that there is no money missing in the 1MDB and no misconduct, and Goldman Sachs would undoubtedly have kept the whole thing quiet.

Critics have been jailed for false news; Sarawak's report would have been ruined by a series of fake libel cases that had surfaced in the UK by resourceful lawyers, and who knows, maybe Tim Leissner had perhaps been retaken of his job?

Najib and Goldman reckoned with Malaysian Unity Against Corruption and now both The former Prime Minister and the entire bank, which is now being prosecuted by the new Malaysian prosecutor and sued by Malaysia for $ 7.5 billion in lost funds, should Make justice that they deserve.

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