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Monica Lewinsky reacts to the comparison of Müller reports

"Imagine that the Rigid Report was only made available to the Attorney General of President Clinton, Janet Reno, who then read it privately and published a 4-page letter with her private reading in which she concludes that President Clinton did not commit any crimes Kerr wrote on Twitter

Lewinsky, whose relationship to Clinton was examined by Starr's investigation, responded with a tweet, "If only."

The Four-Sided Barr's letter stated that Müller did not substantiate this Trump's campaign or colleagues have conspired with Russia, but Muller has not relieved Trump on the issue of obstruction of justice. "Barr quoted Mueller as stating that the evidence" is not sufficient to support an indictment of the President for obstructing justice.

Ken Starr gave his report to the Rep. on September 1

1, 1998 directly House of Representatives continued hours after receiving the report, the House approved the publication on the Internet. One year after the report was published, the Ethics in Government Act expired, requiring the Council to submit reports directly to Congress. The bill has been replaced by the US Department of Justice regulations currently governing the Mueller report.

Lewinsky has evolved over the years to a vociferous advocate against bullying. She spoke in 2014 about the harmful effects of bullying in a piece of Vanity Fair and wrote the following pieces on the subject.

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