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Montrezl Harrell of LA Clippers tells Lakers fans that there are two teams in L.A.

LOS ANGELES – When the buzzer sounded on Friday night and Lakers fans were hatched after a deflationary loss, Clippers striker Montrezl Harrell raised his hands and waved to fans to keep the jamming going.

After the Clippers put up a 22-0, Harrell said the Clippers wanted to remind people that there is another squad in Los Angeles besides the Lakers.

"I love it," Harrell said he heard the buhrs. "Because they do not already recognize us as a so-called LA team, but we do not really care, but we want you to know that we're the LA Clippers, that's Los Angeles Clippers, man So there are two teams in LA [19659002] "They're trying to overlook us just because everyone in this is Purple and Gold and the story of it. Yes, I respect that. But that does not mean ̵

2; for me. Excuse my French – that does not mean anything to me. I come out of here and play for the guys I'm down to. At the end of the day you have to recognize us, man. We will let you understand who we are.

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The Clippers continued their surprise start and improved in the Western Conference Fourteenth to fourteen on Friday rushed through physical defenses against the Lakers, taking advantage of LeBron James (groin) and Rajon Rondo (finger surgery) watching from the bank A deficit of -73 at 2:13 in the third quarter and a 95-80 lead at 9:45 in the race.

Former laker Lou Williams scored 23 of his 36 points in the second half to make the Lakers fifth secure loss in the last seven games. Williams drilled a 3-point over Lance Stephenson, who gave the Clippers a 112-100 lead that ended any chance of a Lakers comeback, and was celebrated with Stephenson's signature air guitar.

"It was just fun," said Williams, whose clippers have now won 22 of their last 25 meetings with the Lakers. "I'm sure Lance does not care, he'll play guitar again tomorrow, we're fans of the game, we watch games where he puts it on guys and he plays his guitar, and we get a good performance "While Clippers coach Doc Rivers said the rivalry in LA matters to players because of their closeness and prominence, Williams said there was no additional" focus "on this quality gain for the Clippers.

Harrell repeated Williams' sentiment, but he acknowledged that the Clippers want to remind everyone that there is more to Los Angeles than James and the Lakers.

Asked when people might take the Clippers seriously, Harrell said, "I do not know, it does not matter, you know, but we'll do what we need to make sure you're here. "

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