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Moon landing shock: NASA astronaut reveals why he Apollo 11 | Science | news

On July 20, 1969 NASA ended the seemingly impossible Apollo 11 mission to bring the first two men – Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin – to the Moon. Armstrong wrote history, leaped from the Landing Eagle, and delivered his legendary "One Small Step" speech to millions of fearful humans looking back on Earth. The deceased astronaut became a sensation overnight after he buried the US flag in the lunar surface and ended the space race with the Soviet Union.

Upon his return to Earth, Armstrong became notorious for shunning the limelight and few to give rare interviews.

Many have pointed out that for this reason he was chosen as the first man on the moon, compared to Aldrin, who was the opposite in the last 50 years.

However, during a recent episode of Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk, NASA employee Mike Massimino revealed why this is not the case.

He said last month "When I met Neil for the first time, he stood up in front of us and it was like meeting our hero.

  Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino

Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino (Image: GETTY) before landing on the moon (Image: GETTY)

In recent years, I've changed my mind.

Mike Massimino

"He's the man, right? But he stands up there and it seemed like he was almost painfully shy, as if it was hard for him to talk.

" He has the moon at all not mentioned, he talked about test flying and how important that is and how to be diligent and how much he loved it.

"After he finished, we came to the questions and answers and asked him how it was done on the Moon was.

"But until then, he conveyed his message and was almost painfully shy, but he loved so much what he did what he focused on."

Dr. Tyson urged, "Do you think NASA has selected him to be the first on the moon because he does not want any advertising?

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  Mike Massimino "title =" Mike Massimino

Mike Massimino in a StarTalk podcas t (Photo: YOUTUBE)

"If she's a great, look at me, I'm on the moon" guy, he would be me "Here's my book about me on the moon and here's mine Talk show and my interview.

"Do you think they have considered it?"

Mr. Massimino agreed briefly before adding why he had changed his mind.

He stated: "I think they have chosen someone who is modest.

"Actually, I thought so at first, but lately, in recent years, I have changed my mind about it.

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  Mike Massimino "title =" Mike Massimino

Mr. Massimino said Armstrong was timid (Photo: YOUTUBE)

  Dr. Tyson pressed Mr. Massimino on the Apollo 11 decisions "title =" Dr. Tyson pressed Mr. Massimino on the Apollo 11 decisions.

Dr. Tyson pushed Mr. Massimino to the Apollo 11 decisions (Image: YOUTUBE)

"Because I think that's almost too thought-provoking.

"I really think what they saw was that this was the right man to land on Earth Moon.

Mr. Massimino rounded off his point of view for the spectators, explaining that NASA had selected the best man for the job.

He continued: "Whether he was social, whether or not he was shy, whatever these personality traits looked like.

"He was the right man because he understood what was happening, he would focus 100 percent on this job, not be distracted.

"Maybe this has part of it. It has to do with finding fame, but I really think he was not selected for his personality, but because he was the right man for the job. "

  Armstrong became a legend for his actions. title = "Armstrong became a legend for his trade

Armstrong became a legend for his trade (Image: GETTY) [196590] 43] Lunar Landing Axis" title = "Lunar Landing Axis" data-w = "590" data -h = "507" />

Moon Landing Axis (Photo: DX / GETTY)

In 2009 After being the first man to tweet from the cosmos, Mr. Massimino made his own claim to space glory ,

In the same episode, he showed how he was inspired by Armstrong.

He continued, "Well, for my Tweet I Following the same approach, I said, 'I'm not worried about this first tweet, we have to go into space, we have to get there alive and successful. #

"That was a mistake. I get there and it's okay, we live, the computers are up and running the first day, so I have to come up with something.

"Well, what I tweeted was, 'The launch was great, the adventure of One Life Begins, I feel great and enjoy the view. "

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