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More Changes] After a week of Android Q Beta 1, here are all the little changes we've noticed

In the first beta of Android Q, there are some new features (and some remote features). We have already documented around 50 important changes. There are also many smaller tweaks that do not provide separate coverage. We go through it here. Here are all the minor changes in Android Q Beta 1 included.

Bluetooth Device Details

The details screen for Bluetooth devices has been slightly modified to reflect the appearance of the new App Info screen. The device name is now more prominent, and the buttons for forgetting or connecting to a device are larger.

Left: Android Pie; Right: Android Q

Enter key on the lock screen

If you use a PIN for your lock screen password, the Enter key now looks like an enter key and is not a check mark. Exciting, I know.

Charging Status on the Always-On Display

For Android Q, the current charge status is now displayed in the top-right corner of the Always-On display, not in the center-bottom. Suppose it makes sense for the battery status to be in the same position as the phone is unlocked.

Alerts on Always-On Display

When talking on the always-on display, alerts appear that have a different appearance. Instead of merging with the rest of the black screen, alerts now look just like the normal notification area – white background and all.

Left: Android Pie; Right: Android Q

Current Playback Information

Pixel 2 and 3 have a feature called "Now Playing," in which the phone always listens to music playback and tries to find the name and title to identify the artist's song. For some reason, this information is severely cut off on Android Q


Android Pie

Android Q

New "pill" on the lock screen

Another one Lock screen change in Android Q is that upcoming calendar events are now displayed in a pill at the bottom of the screen, instead of being bundled via notifications in the "At a Glance" widget.

Left: Android Pie; Right: Android Q

As stated by 9to5Google, this section is also used below to display traffic information.

Gesture Navigation Animations

Mobile phones with Gesture Navigation enabled adjust the animation speed based on your wiping operations. If you switch quickly between applications, the animation will be fast, and if you stroke longer, the animation will be longer.

9to5Google has a video that demonstrates this effect, starting with a short swipe and gradually with longer moves.

If you press and hold the power button on Android Q, there is a new emergency switch at the bottom of the list. When you tap on it, a dialer opens up with a button for accessing emergency information (medications, allergies, contacts, etc.). This should hopefully help first responders get the information they need.

App Info in Pixel Launcher

When you use the Pixel Launcher search feature in Android Q, an info button appears. Until now, access to the app's info screen was only possible via the app drawer (or via the settings app).

Developer Options for Smart Lock

There are two new Smart Lock settings for Android Q that are hidden in the Developer Options menu: "Trusted Agents Extend Lock" and "Lock Screen" if trust is lost . " The former allows trust points (like Google's Smart Lock) to keep your phone locked for longer, and the latter locks the device when the last agent loses trust.

New App Install Dialog

When an application is installed from an APK file, the confirmation message no longer covers the entire screen. Instead, it's a little popup.

Alternative screen locks

Google is working on new screen lock designs. XDA developers found three alternative designs that can be activated with ADB commands – one with words instead of numbers, one with bubble-like analog hands, and one with narrow analog pointers.

No weather information has been displayed in any of the designs so far. So you're definitely still working. It remains to be seen if Google will let users enable through the settings or if they will only be available to OEMs (official).

Device Availability

The time that your phone has been running since The last shutdown / reboot is now displayed in the Settings app under "About the phone."

Previously connected Bluetooth devices

Android Pie has moved the list of previously connected Bluetooth devices to a submenu under the Bluetooth main window. This change was definitely annoying for me, as it always required another level of navigation to readjust my earphones.

Left: Android Pie; Right: Android Q

Android Q now partially reverses this change by displaying the last three connected devices on the main screen. The complete list of devices requires another tap, which is definitely an improvement.

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