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More Microsoft Reorg Moves highlight cross-platform experience plans

Two weeks ago, Microsoft announced its latest reorganization, which resulted in the Windows client development team being split into two parts. The post-reorg dust continues to prevail.


This week, Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, picked up on several new reports and highlighted the company's strategy to remain relevant in the mobile space.

Belfiore is one of Executive Vice President Rajesh Jha's new lieutenants. Jha operates the newly created Engineering Unit Experiences & Devices. And since the last reorganization, Belfiore has been appointed head of the Windows Client Experience team. The Windows shell and the edge browser are both part of the "Windows Experience".

But yesterday, April 1

6, several other non-Windows-specific teams were moved under Belfiore, according to several sources who wanted to remain anonymous. Belfiore now oversees Education, OneNote and Wunderlist / To-Do. Education, OneNote and Wunderlist have been led by corporate vice president Eran Megiddo as a group in recent years.

(Belfiore has been the Windows + Devices Leader for Education and Partner of Office since returning from vacation, but he did not directly supervise the EDU team, I believe.)

Last year, Microsoft employees got up Their Build Developer Conference set out their plans to make Windows an important part of new mobile scenarios through the development of iOS and Android. Computer performance improves with features like "picking up where you left off". Sharing Edge Browser apps for iOS and Android was also part of this plan.

Belfiore's expanded responsibilities suggest that Microsoft plans to continue on this path by attempting to use its cross-platform apps, such as OneNote and To-Do, seamlessly connect to Windows PCs and enhance "modern" "Productivity scenarios. To-Do and OneNote already work on different platforms.

Regardless, I've also heard from one of my contacts that Microsoft has moved the Skype consumer team under Outlook as part of Phase 2 of the latest reorganization. Gaurav Sareen currently serves as Corporate Vice President for the Outlook, Yammer and Office 365 groups. It is expected that he will add Skype customers to his responsibilities, I believe.

Microsoft's rejuvenation of Skype last year was not well received by customers.

Recently, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Javier Soltero, who joined the company at Microsoft, joined Acompli in 2014 from his position as CVP of the Office Product Group to CVP of Cortana. (Cortana is still sitting under Mirosoft's AI + Research Group, as is Bing.)

I asked Microsoft to confirm alleged steps this week and a spokesman said the company had "nothing to share."

Jhas Reorg Teams include not only Office Product Leaders and Belfiore, but also other former Windows and device leaders, including Panos Panay, Kudo Tsunoda and Brad Anderson. Much of Jhas Experiences & Devices mission is to expand the market for Microsoft 365, the Microsoft package of Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, which is sold as a subscription service.

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