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More than 1 million Olympic tickets in the latest Japanese lottery

Frustrated residents of Japan will have another chance to attend the Tokyo Olympics if the organizers put more than 1 million tickets in the latest lottery on Friday. According to organizers, in two lotteries already 3.57 million tickets have been awarded to residents of Japan.

The organizers have repeatedly refused to indicate the number of tickets searched. However, it is assumed that the demand is at least ten times the supply – probably even more.

"We have done our best to meet people's expectations as much as possible," said Hidenori Suzuki, Tokyo Ticket Director, Associated Press. "Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of seats."

Suzuki admitted that he was repeatedly asked to disclose the ticket demand. He said he hopes to do that sometime after the end of the last lottery. It opens on Wednesday and runs until the 26th of November. The results will be announced in mid-December.

Demand has boosted hotel prices and even raised concerns about the efficient train system in Tokyo for the games from 24 July to 9 August.

Promoters say 7.8 million tickets will be available for next year's games. They say that at least 70% will go to the Japanese public, that's about 5.5 million. The remainder will be sold outside of Japan or awarded to sponsors, national Olympic committees or the IOC or international sports federations.

Suzuki was also inaccurate in terms of the number of tickets available this time.

"We did not decide exactly how many," he said. "It will not be much more than 1 million."

Jonathan Jensen, a sports marketing graduate from the University of North Carolina, said the organizers in Tokyo had a reason to be vague about the ticket numbers.

"It's embarrassing the potential that very few tickets will actually be part of a public sale," Jensen said in an email to AP recently. "And the uncertainty about how many tickets have to be held back to ensure commitment to sponsors and others."

More than 60 companies have signed up as local Olympic sponsors, generating just over $ 3 billion and breaking all records for local sponsorship. [19659005] "If you have so many sponsors, you have huge guarantees to deliver your tickets as part of their sponsorship packages," Jensen wrote.

This is the last exclusive opportunity for Japanese residents. Another ticket offer in the spring applies to Japanese and non-Japanese for availability.

This is the first time that tickets to boxing are included in the Japanese lottery.

The International The Olympic Committee deprived the boxing organization AIBA of the right to organize the tournament, citing corruption in the areas of finance, referees and judges. The IOC is now organizing the tournament after a long delay.

Tickets are not available for the marathons. Citing Tokyo's summer heat, the IOC is relocating this event to the northern city of Sapporo, against the will of Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. The finish in Tokyo's new national stadium will be reimbursed.

The organizers hope to achieve a ticket sale of about 800 million US dollars. This revenue accounts for a large portion of the privately funded operating budget of $ 5.6 billion.

In a national audit report of last year, it was stated that Tokyo would spend about $ 25 billion on the organization of the Olympic Games funding.

The organizers dispute the number and say it is half as much, part of a debate about what Olympic spending is and what is not.

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