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More than 3,000 other US troops headed for the southern border

The additional armed forces will allow the Department of Defense to comply with a request from the Department of Homeland Security approved by Acting Defense Minister Pat Shanahan earlier this month.

President Donald Trump confirmed that additional troops would be deployed via a tweet on Thursday.

"More troops are sent to the southern border to stop the attempted invasion of illegals by large caravans into our country, we have the previous caravans and we will stop them too," Trump wrote.

The combined Border Intervention Force is expected to be slightly lower than the mission's peak of 5,900 troops.

The Pentagon had previously said that the new troops would be involved. Mobile monitoring and detection as well as concertina cables between the ports of entry. "

The Department of Homeland Security is" tracking "three caravans en route to the United States," one of which in the most recent estimate is over 1

2,000 people, "said John Rood, Secretary of State for Politics, on Tuesday before the House Armed Services Committee

Defense officials told CNN that the new mobile surveillance would include troops occupying mobile observation posts and vehicles

  The Afghan president wrote a letter to Trump about troop costs

The cost of this operation was estimated at about $ 132 million, but this estimate was based an original end date of January 31st.

In addition, Trump had previously ordered the deployment of National Guard to secure the border. There are about 2,200 National Guardsmen assigned to this mission. This station, scheduled to end in September, is expected to cost $ 550 million.

The Pentagon refuses to say where the money for the stakes comes from.

Use of troops with active deployment at the border Security has been called into question by lawmakers.

"Border missions seem to clash with the Defense Department's declared efforts to rebuild readiness," said MP Adam Smith, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

] "This deployment at the southern border seems to reinforce this problem by further disrupting the unit's training cycles," he added.

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