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More than half of the country's Attorney General's could enroll in a cartel investigation against Google

Photo: Drew Angerer (AP)

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that "more than half of the US Attorney General has joined the antitrust lawsuit against Digital Titan Google and is currently preparing it. The investigation is scheduled to be announced next week and marks a significant escalation in efforts by US regulators to investigate Silicon's largest companies in the valley.

The details of the investigation remain unclear, but the Post reported that the effort may be "bipartisan" and could affect more than 30 Attorney General. The state investigations are not yet the subject of another antitrust review currently being conducted by the Ministry of Justice. Democrats in the election campaign and the Trump administration have intensified the pressure on technology giants (albeit for quite different reasons)). The Post wrote:

A smaller group of these civil servants, representing the broader coalition, are expected to reveal the investigation at a Monday news conference in Washington, so three persons familiar with the matter who spoke because of the condition of anonymity They were not authorized to to discuss a record-breaking law-enforcement procedure and warned that the plans might change.

It is unclear whether some or all Attorney Generals also plan to open or announce additional investigations into other technology giants, including Amazon and Amazon, on Facebook, which has been subject to a similar antitrust investigation in the US. State efforts are expected to be non-partisan and could include more than 30 Attorney General, one respondent said.

It is "unclear" whether DOJ officials will join the Attorney General during the expected announcement next week, the Post said in an English translation: English: www.germnews.de/archive/electr…e/1996/03.html The agency's US antitrust chief, Makan Delrahim, co-ordinated the DOJ's state investigations into potential antitrust violations by technology companies in August. The federal government is conducting several such antitrust investigations, including the Federal Trade Commission's Facebook investigation (separate from the $ 5 billion fine that the company imposed earlier this year) and Amazon and a DOJ investigation at Apple.

As noted, the states have fewer powers than the states that can smash entire companies because of the anticompetitive right. However, states can, as in the antitrust investigations against Microsoft in the 1990s, join the Federal Government's court and involve Google in years of legal disputes. Former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler told the newspaper, "If several states – and not just the Democratic Attorney General, but also the Republican Attorney General – are investigating potential antitrust violations, one of the biggest effects could be putting the federal government under pressure to put deeper pressure. "

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