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Morehouse College, Elections in India, Abduction in Texas, Weather, Politics: 5 Things You Should Know for May 20th

. 1 Politics

Justin Amash is the first member of the GOP Congress to claim that President Trump has taken part in an incontestable conduct. Will others in the party soon follow? Do not expect that. Amash, a libertarian from Michigan, caused a stir over the weekend when he wrote on Twitter that after reading Robert Mueller's report, he thought the report was "several examples" of Trump's violations of justice. The Democrats were excited and will use Amash's statements to increase pressure on his Republican counterparts. But it does not seem that Amash's point of view is going to be anything bigger inside the GOP. Even Utah's Sen. Mitt Romney, who beat Trump over the Mueller report, said he did not support Amash's call for impeachment.

. 2 Election in India

The world's biggest elections are over and it looks like Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will win a second term. Most polls show that Modi's political party and coalition win a clear majority. The official election results will be published on Thursday. Exit surveys suggest that voters continue to support modalities despite worsening employment prospects, declining wages for farmers, and increased right-wing Hindu nationalism. About 900 million people took part in the elections, which took several weeks and required the use of one million polling stations.

. 3 Morehouse College

The graduates of Morehouse College were already in a good mood. Finally, they were completing their college degree. Then her auditor really made her day: he promised to repay her student loan. This incredible act of generosity came from billionaire Robert F. Smith, who told graduates at the historically black college in Atlanta that he would "fill up some fuel in their bus." The total amount covers 396 students and is worth several tens of millions of dollars. David A. Thomas, President of Morehouse, said Smith's gift will enable graduates to have more capital to start businesses and support their families. Rising student loan debt is cited by many as one of the factors contributing to income inequality in America.

. 4 Abduction in Texas

Two people are celebrated as heroes after helping the police find an 8-year-old girl who was ripped off a street in Fort Worth. Salem Sabatka went for a walk with her mother on Saturday night when a car appeared and a man grabbed her and picked her up. An Amber Alert with pictures of Salem and a description of the vehicle, a Ford Five Hundred, flooded social media. Two people who were not identified by the police searched for the vehicle and later found it in a hotel car park. They called the police, who eventually found Salem uninjured in a room. A 51
-year-old man was charged with harder kidnapping. After Salem was examined in a hospital, she was reunited with her family.

. 5 Weather

The inland states have been hit by bad weather in recent weeks. Well, at the beginning of this week, apparently, they will not get a break either. The National Weather Service says a "strong" storm system today could bring thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, floods and even tornadoes to Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. And the threat of severe weather extends to parts of Texas until the morning. Therefore, the authorities are calling on the residents to have a "safe plan". All this comes at a bad weather weekend, with at least 38 tornadoes since Friday in Kansas, Nebraska and Texas.


& # 39; Game & # 39; over

"Game of Thrones" ended its epic eight-year run last night with a final full of surprises. And if you're worried about how to lead a life of "thrones," there are counselors here to help.

Royal Portraits

First there were the Baby Archie photos. Then came the wedding photos of Harry and Meghan behind the scenes. Now William and Kate have released some cute family photos.

The same old song?

The Netherlands won the Eurovision Song Contest weekend in Tel Aviv, Israel, but not without controversy.

[19659014] Rain, rain goes away

Discover the Italian island that reimburses your hotel room when it rains during your stay.
  Elba Italy no rain 19659035]


Historical Day

Lori Lightfoot, a former US Attorney-General, is sworn in as Chicago's mayor this morning. She will be the first African American mayor of the city.


"We've spent too much time debating."

Apple CEO Tim Cook told graduates of Tulane University that his generation has failed climate change


500,000 US dollars

The value of the donation that Oprah Winfrey made for the extra-curricular program of a New Jersey High School.


AND FINALLY [19659012] Pink or Blue?

These gendered revelations become more creative. In this example, kids crack eggs to find out the gender of their new baby sibling. (Click to show)

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