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Morning break: depression genes; Even delivery; "Fresh" food poisoning

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A map of the genetic variants associated with depression is telling scientists about a new generation of more effective treatments. ( The Guardian )

A new look at the potential benefits of limiting salt intake. ( CNN )

Overcome, Adapt, Improvise: A 22-year-old Tennessee woman and an Air Force activist said she had watched YouTube video clips about births and then delivered her own baby in a hotel room Turkey. ( Fox News )

Another benefit of starting a good breakfast every day: It is less likely that you will gain weight. ( ABC News )

Amazon's excursion into the pharmacy business was hailed as "a likely goldmine" 20 years ago. How did that go? ( STAT )

A 7-year-old budding dancer with bone cancer in one of her legs may continue her dream of a complex surgical alternative to amputation. ( The Washington Post )

Several prominent health care companies are included in the short-sell list of a hedge fund manager. ( CNBC )

NPR takes a look at the "other prescription drug problem" overshadowed by the opioid epidemic.

Collect all expired and unused prescriptions and take them to the nearest authorized collection point tomorrow during the 1

4th National Prescription Take Back Day. (19459006] Philly.com )

Why are food poisoning epidemics increasingly rooted in fresh produce? ( Vox )

South Korean researchers identified air pollution as a potential contributor to the failure of fertilization treatment in women. ( Reuters )

Hantavirus kills a young woman from New Mexico. ( CBS News )

Organizer of a sold-out charity 0.5K race (yes, the decimal place is in the right place) call the event a celebration of "camaraderie among themselves". Newsweek )

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