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Morning Update: Opioid overdoses have life expectancy in B.C.

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Opioid overdoses have reduced life expectancy in BC

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In British Columbia, life expectancy has declined slightly more than a month ago, mainly due to the increase in illegal fentanyl, but also the availability of prescription opioids. This is the result of a recent report by Canada's Health Minister Theresa Tam stating that, despite the lack of national data, similar developments are expected across Canada. (Since the beginning of 201

6, more than 8,000 Canadians have died from opioid overdoses.) In developing countries, a shortened life expectancy is often due to infantile deaths from infectious diseases. Health officials say that B.C.'s trajectory – which is due to deaths in an adult population – is strong and worrying.

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Justin Trudeau warns that Saudi Arabia will be terminated Arms business could cost $ 1 billion

The terms of the agreement negotiated by the former Conservative government could lead to a prohibitive indictment if Canada went away, said Trudeau. His remarks came only a day after he said he was ready to freeze exports as the NDP pressured the Liberal government to follow Germany to punish Riyadh for his alleged role in the murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Referring to the 14-year deal to supply Saudis with armored vehicles, Trudeau said, "I do not want to deny Canadians a billion-dollar bill because we're trying to do the right thing, so we control that very carefully and that's it anything I can say. "

John Tory is confident that the results of the Toronto Station will work in his favor

The center-right mayor will likely benefit from the reduction of NDP -attached votes on Toronto's smaller 25-seat Council. On the one hand, Tory should be able to live up to its promise to raise home tax rates on inflation. The smaller group of NDP councilors and other progressives will be forced to recruit centrists to defeat Tory and his allies on all important issues. Tory also noted that the fact that he has won majorities in each community gives him a "very solid mandate" for his second four-year term.

Here's Denise Balkissoon's view of the Toronto election: "As expected, the shortened, chaotic campaign season and reduced size of the council also reduced the chances that various types of Torontonians could access political power." Perhaps the first agenda item of the council change the motto of the city, because "diversity, our strength" is a joke, so funny that it hurts.The Council remains extremely masculine, extremely white and extremely old to old, seemingly the exact opposite of the public that he represents should – and has done a nondescript job for decades. "

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Kennedy Stewart's Plan for Affordable Housing in Vancouver faces hurdles in all directions

The mayor wants to build 2,500 dwellings under the market every year for 10 years, plus another 6,000 a year J at market rates. But he already sees pushback from developers in the region saying that construction and property costs and new rental control changes make it difficult to achieve these goals. Stewart also needs to gain support in a split council, where even his alleged allies on the left call for tough deals with developers who are demanding things like providing low-cost units to get building permits. The Green Party, which has three seats, wants half of all new projects to be below market prices. But at the same time, Green Councilor Adriane Carr says that the public needs to be consulted before it increases the density.

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Trudeau's CO2 rebate plan – and why he does it

The Prime Minister reveals his plan for discounts during a speech at Humber College in Toronto – in the Ontario Rally Premier Doug Ford, who is a vociferous opponent of the federally mandated carbon tax. Trudeau says the rebates will help offset the toll, which will start on April 1, 2019. Here's how Ottawa projects things: Ontario households will pay $ 244 in CO2 tax costs, and receive $ 300 in rebates; those in Saskatchewan will fork over $ 403 and receive $ 598; Manitobans pay $ 232 and get back $ 336; New Brunswickers will distribute $ 202 and earn $ 248.

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Here is the opinion of our Editorial Board: "It is politically wise to distribute carbon revenue directly to people, not to relentless provincial governments, which helps counteract the federal conservative agenda The CO2 tax is a source of revenue. [But] Voters may see their electoral rebate checks as a kind of unseemly bribe – or, worse, they may feel burdened by higher prices year-round than they would be pleased by the annual federal money infusion

And John Ibbitson argues that carbon taxes against climate change will be an epic contest: "The Liberals have scientists and economists in their corner." The Conservatives and opposing premiers are appealing to a tax-fresh and skeptical public This debate will take us over the coming months b occupy, perhaps consume us.


Markets mixed

World stocks marked a sixth consecutive day of losses on Wednesday, as fears over global economic growth slowed the mood.Wall Street tilted Tokyo's Nikkei gained 0.4 percent and the Shanghai Composite 0.3 percent, although Hong Kong's Hang Seng lost 0.4 percent, while in Europe London's FTSE 100, the German DAX and the Paris CAC 40 dropped by 0.4 to 0.7 percent at around 6:05 am ET New York futures were down The Canadian dollar was below 76.5 cents


Trump can not stop the migrant caravan by cutting foreign aid and closing the border

"Hard strategies along the border do not stop the migration. Instead, they drive desperate migrants to use more people smugglers. In turn, smuggling provides funding for transnational criminal organizations that also engage in cocaine trafficking. White House chief of staff John Kelly blamed violence in the region for these organizations responding to US demand for illegal drugs. Stricter migration policies increase their revenues, which in turn reduces US security. … The government can pretend that hard measures stop desperate people, or they can acknowledge that they will continue to come – legally or illegally. The path to legal entry and legal status allows the government to monitor the flow of people, to respond to the needs of local communities and to monitor those entering the country. – Sarah Bermeo Associate Professor of Public and Political Science at Duke University

Canadians love life in the suburbs, why do not we build more of them? [19659002] "Canada's National Dream, the modern edition, began in 1953. That was the year Don Mills, the country's first large, fully-planned suburb, began selling ranch-style affordable homes north of Toronto. Immediately, mid-range Canadian families yearning for their own piece of heaven-a yard, a garage, and a playroom for the kids-were beginning to pack their bags for the Burbs. And almost as quickly, people complained that they knew better. … Not much has changed in 65 years. People are still pouring into the suburbs. And the experts are still complaining about it. But after more than half a century, is not it time to finally admit that Canadians simply prefer to live in the city and figure out how to do it? "- Peter Shawn Taylor

Dull honesty could be a way for the Alberta Party to make political concessions

" They often do not find political leaders who have questions with them intrepid, unfiltered honesty answer. Today they were trained to say as little as possible, as banal as possible. But now and then someone passes who defies the convention. Alberta Party leader Stephen Mandel did so last weekend when he was asked by reporters to give his assessment of the province's economic future without the extension of the Trans-Mountain pipeline. "We're crazy," he said. Although I'm not sure the situation is so bad, Mandel's unfussy directness will be applauded in a province that appreciates righteous speech. Making this kind of provocative statement is easier if you are the leader of a three-seat political party, and not a premier. But right now, the only thing Almond's worried about is building his political brand and establishing a personality that is unique and inviting. Fortune teller would not be bad. "- Gary Mason (for subscribers)


How apps bite the pet care industry

Out of the city With no one to take care of your dog, Houndr is the latest in a series of dog grooming apps that help owners find people in their neighborhood who enjoy walking or sitting down, at a cost much cheaper than traditional ones Services, where payment is more of a gift of gratitude, and if you're not a dog owner, but still want to spend time with one, there's even an app for it: Dogtime Community lets people pay a monthly fee to spend time with local puppies


Canada wins gold in lacrosse at the Olympics

(S & G and Barratts / EMPICS Sport)

S & G / S & G and Barratts / EMPICS Sports

24. Oct. 1908: Not to brag, but this country was the defending Olympic gold medalist in the field lacrosse for 110 years. Canada, which won gold for the first time at the St. Louis Games in 1904, repeated this feat on that day in London in 1908. At these Olympic Games, which started in July before taking a few months off, Canada set up a group of men who are now considered the first national team to be selected from across the country. And they made the country proud of the only other competitor, Great Britain. Canada led 6-2 in half before the brave Britons tied it 9-9. Canada poured out 14-10 to win in the fourth quarter. (One of the players was Tommy Gorman, who later became the founder of the National Hockey League.) Sad for Canada, where national sport was the national game, the victory marked the end of the lacrosse as an Olympic medal event. It was a demonstration sport in 1928, 1932 and 1948. The earliest return to the Games (no decision was made) would be in Los Angeles in 2028. Canada would be a favorite. – Philip King

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