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Agadir reveals its new logo (photo)

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September 22, 2020 – midnight – Culture

The city of Agadir has a new logo that further highlights the city’s features. It was revealed by the Wilaya on Friday.

This new logo from Moroccan artist Mohamed Melehi is part of the support for the Agadir Urban Development Program (2020-2024), launched on February 4, 2020 as part of a ceremony by King Mohammed VI.

With the unveiling of this new visual identity, the Wilaya underlined that it highlights the Amazigh culture in Souss-Massa and the specifics of the city MAP.

The logo has the shape of a “triangle in silver color, inspired by mountains, sun and waves, the three most famous goods in the city”

;. The other detail is the inscription of the words of the word “Agadir” in Classical Arabic, an allusion to the great architects who gave the city its current splendor, and gives the same source.

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