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Morse code helps prove that Google is stealing content from Genius.com

The Google search engine is the entry point to the Internet for a significant number of people worldwide. Open your browser, enter a search query, and start finding information in the massive infrastructure called the Internet.

For this reason, Google has a significant impact on what and how users view content. A few years ago, Google supplemented the search results with information boards, as Google calls them, and these boards used texts from Genius.com for nothing.

For Genius, however, they needed a way to prove that the lyrics existed came from their website and not from any other source, and they noticed that Google raised the content using Morse code. According to WSJ, Genius changed the way apostrophes were used in texts, switching between straight and curly texts. If the code has been converted to dots and hyphens, it means "Red Handed".

Google's search results showed that the content was removed directly from Genius and not from any other source.

For Genius, it's not entirely clear if there's a case against Google because the company licenses the lyrics of record companies and does not own them. However, you own the website from which Google removes the unnamed content. This is used to promote Google's goal to improve search results, while delivering additional advertising to the detriment of Genius.com.

Of course, there is also a bit of irony in the lawsuit of Genius. The company began stealing texts from other websites and only began licensing the texts after it was subjected to legal pressure.

Considering that Google may be facing a new antitrust investigation in the US, this further demonstrates the company's abusive position on the market. And as it becomes increasingly clear how powerful Google.com has become and how much control it has over content on the Internet, another piece of negative publicity at this point is not good for Alphabet Inc.

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