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Moscow has a field day with Trump’s fireworks on the mountain. Russia-More

Russian state media controlled by the Kremlin set out to tickle President Trump’s fragile ego in the face of falling ratings after his stormy appearance on Mount Rushmore on Friday.

Noting that the American head of state had previously played with the idea that he could be seen alongside Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln, Russia’s leading state-run media channel Rossiya-1 beamed a graphic of Trump’s mug right on the mountain next to them out .

Given the frequent allusions of Russian state media to Trump as Moscow’s friend, even as Moscow̵

7;s “agent” in the White House, the Kremlin may want to see the giant monument that has been renamed Mount Russia-More.

However, on Saturday, July 4th, there were signs that Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are trying to keep their long-term bromance at bay, at least as far as the official records are concerned.

Putin sent a telegram congratulating President Donald J. Trump on America’s Independence Day. Interesting step. By avoiding a phone call, Putin also avoided direct pressure to send reports of the Kremlin to the Taliban to kill American soldiers and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Before the bounty leaks flooded the U.S. intelligence community, calls between Trump and Putin had become unusually common, but these revelations slowed the president’s chatter.

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