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Mother accused of abusing 7 adopted children to force her into YouTube

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By Doha Madani

A native of Arizona is accused of abusing her seven adopted children for her YouTube channel.

Machelle Hackney and her two adult sons were arrested on Friday and charged with maltreatment. [19659009DiePolizeisagteHackneyhabeEssenundWasserzurückgehaltenbeschränktedenZugangzurToiletteschlugundpfeffertedieKinderalssiedieAnweisungenfürYouTube-VideosnichtbefolgtengemäßeinerwahrscheinlichenErklärungderPolizeibehördevonMaricopa

Hackney who passes by her maiden name Hobson denied having abused the children, and stated that the only form of punishment which it applies, is to spank children, ground and stand in the corner to let, according to police documents.

Hackney was charged with seven cases of child abuse. five countries of unlawful detention and two cases of child abuse. Prison records show that she was indicted on Tuesday and held without detention.

The police did not release the children's age.

Machelle Hackney. The Pinal County Adult Detention Center

The YouTube channel of the family, which has over 700,800 followers, has more than 242 million views, shows the adopted children in various sketch videos. The children told the police that they had been taken out of school to shoot videos.

They also claimed that their adoptive mother abused them if they forgot their lines or did not participate as instructed.

YouTube confirmed that the channel was once demonized They were alerted to the arrest.

The officers provided social assistance after the police were contacted by Hackney's biological daughter, who was informed of allegations by her adopted siblings. At the check, the officers found a child in an unlocked cabinet with only a diaper to pull.

"The officers came in contact with the six other children who, because of their pale complexion and dark circles under their dark rings, appeared to be undernourished, underweight, and indicated that they were thirsty and hungry." the explanation of the probable cause.

The Child Services Division removed all seven children from Hackney's care and helped forensically interrogate and medically examine the children. 19659009] During an investigation, a girl told the authorities that her adoptive parent pepper sprayed her genitals.

She said Hackey sprayed the whole face and body with pepper spray, beat her up, forced her to take ice baths and defend herself from putting her head under the water, and she kept her in the corner with her arms raised for several hours leave.

Hackney's two adult sons, Ryan and Logan, were also charged with seven child abuse cases each.

Logan told investigators he was aware of suspected abuses and claimed they were both going to the police.

] Logan and Ryan were also charged on Tuesday and held without detention.

It is not clear whether mother and sons have lawyers.

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