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Move over Tony Stark, Elon Musk admits James Bond Villain Side Project


Published on June 12, 2019 |
by Kyle Field

12. June 2019 by Kyle Field

Maybe he dug in his pocket to find his fly, but even without, Elon Musk's jacket looked a bit more like a tuxedo jacket than an audience shareholder dropped the last question of the day. The shareholder in question asked if Tesla had plans to build a water car and Musk began to giggle as if he had been waiting for the question all day.

"It's weird you should mention that," Musk said as the laughter hit the room. Many of the space enthusiasts already knew that he had actually purchased the original Lotus Submarine from the legendary James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me . Musk even shocked most fans as he continued.

"We actually have a design for a submarine car," he said. Musk has the ability to pick up otherwise unbelieving themes, to bring them into line with the real world and anchor them in a powerful dose of sound logic.

He admitted that the idea in the James Bond movie started with the vehicle and grew from there. "If you make it a little bigger, you can actually have a submarine car." Lotus are tiny cars, so that's good logic, especially considering the extra equipment a real working submarine needs to stay waterproof while navigating the depths of the seven seas.

"I think the market for it will be small," he admitted in a healthy chorus of laughter. "Small but enthusiastic." As if the world expects something different from the man who builds companies on just that kind of thing.

He raised millions for The Boring Company by selling limited-edition hats and an apparatus that looks like a hybrid of Star Wars and a backyard grill called Not A Flamethrower. Despite the name, the device looked suspicious and worked like the one it obviously was not named. "But we actually have a design for a submarine car," he confirmed. "It would be a bit distracting, I think. Maybe someday we will build one as a show car. "Thankfully, he was not serious about including Tesla's first watercraft in the lineup – let's get in the millions of vehicles a year before we go to any other side projects." Thank you, that's the end of a public meeting you Thanks to Elon.

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