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Moving to Thailand? Here’s 3 top tips


Are you making the move to magical Thailand?  We don’t blame you! Who wouldn’t want beautiful beaches, delicious dishes and serene islands on their doorstep? There’s a wonderfully laid-back lifestyle to be enjoyed there, but before you set off, there’s certain things you need to know. After all, an international relocation isn’t simple, so take a look at our top tips below.


  • Secure the right visa


Before hopping on the plane, the most important thing to organise is the appropriate visa. There are many different options depending on your age, how long you are staying and whether you will be working or not. Each visa has certain criteria that must be met, so it can be confusing if you are trying to get to grips with this alone. It’s wise to seek professional advice from a law firm such as Withers, who can help you apply for the correct visa and residency status.


  • Arrange medical insurance


It’s essential to organise medical insurance before you move to Thailand. Private hospitals and doctors provide a high level of medical care however this can be hugely expensive. A few days in hospital could set you back thousands. If you are moving to Thailand to work for a western business, then usually medical insurance will be part of the package. But if you are planning to find work on arrival or are retiring, you’ll need to sort this before you move. Often, the best deals can be found in your home country, so it’s worth shopping around before you touch town in Thailand.


  • View properties before you agree to rent


Most expats will rent once they move to Thailand, as the laws there mean that most foreigners can’t purchase property. There’s some amazing accommodation across Thailand that is sure to impress, but it’s important to go on house viewings before you commit to rent somewhere long term. When you touch down, stay in a hotel, hostel or Airbnb for a few days or weeks until you find somewhere appropriate. It’s worth getting in touch with an estate agent and letting them know your requirements as this will be a huge help if you don’t know the area well.

There’s so much to enjoy in Thailand, from the vibrant nightlife to the serene beaches. We hope you enjoy your new life there!