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Mozilla has a new tool that can trick advertisers into believing they're dirty

If you notice that the ads you receive are eerily similar to the ads you've just seen online, that's not all in your head, and it's the insidious truth of being online without it to install a number of browser extensions. But there is now a tool that, although it is absurd in execution, can bind it to the man (advertiser) by effectively veiling your true interests. I hope you like tabs.

The Track THIS tool, developed by the Mozilla Firefox people, allows you to select one of four profiles: Hypebeast, Filthy Rich, Doomsday, or Influencer. You can then allow the tool to open 100 tabs based on the assigned profile type. Data Brokers and Advertisers create a profile for you based on the way you navigate the Internet, including the web pages you visit. Which of these personalities you choose depends theoretically on how advertisers see you, which in turn affects the type of ads you display.

I tried the profiles Filthy Rich and Doomsday Prepper. It took a few minutes to open all 1

00 tabs in Chrome. (If you're working on a computer that does not have a lot of RAM, you may need to reboot after everything is frozen.) The former had many yachting locations, luxury designers, stock exchanges and expensive watches, a few equine real estate agents, one page , where you can sign up for a Mastercard Gold Card, and a page where you can book a room at the MGM Grand. For the latter, links to survival kits and checklists, tents, Mylar blankets, Doomsday films, and many (many) conspiracy theories. I will immediately get advertising for some luxury hazmat suits.

Screenshot: Melanie Ehrenkranz

As Mozilla noted in a blog post with announcement of the tool, this is probably just the one Be Case Work for a few days as intended, and then come back to run ads that match your actual preferences. "This will show ads for products that you may not be interested in, so only brands that want to promote a specific type of person will be dropped," the company said. "You're still seeing ads, and if you only use the Internet the way you normally do on a day-to-day basis, ads will show up that better match your normal browsing habits."

Of course, you probably will not start 100 tabs routinely deceiving advertisers – the tool is rather a ridiculous allusion to the length we only temporarily need to be just a little less purposeful.

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