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MP Mo Brooks cites Hitler to accuse democrats that the media advocates a "big lie" against Trump

"For more than two years, Social Democratic Democrats and their fake ally in the media – CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and countless others – have committed the biggest political lie, fraud, fraud, and fraud in the US History. "Rep. Mo Brooks, a Republican from Alabama, said Monday.

The congressman's speech came after Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller had informed the Ministry of Justice last week that he had completed his investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 elections. On Monday, Brooks said the allegations of collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia were "nothing but a" big lie. "

" In this sense, I quote another socialist who has mastered the propaganda of the "big lie" to be deadly, Effect, "said Brooks on the House Floor on Monday. [Citation needed] In the big lie, there is always some credibility, because the broad masses of a nation are becoming more and more easily corrupted in the deeper layers of their nation voluntarily, and so, in the primitive simplicity of their mind, they are more likely to fall victim to the big lie than the little lie, "said Brooks, quoted from James Murphy's English translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf 1


" Who is this master the big lie? "Brooks said before calling the author of the quote" socialist Adolf Hitler. "

" When it comes to big political propaganda in America As the Mueller report confirms, the American socialists and their fake news media allies are experts and have no peers, "Brooks argued.

By emphasizing the word "socialist" he seemed to try to draw a connection between the democratic socialists and the NSDAP or the National Socialist German Workers' Party. However, the Nazis were not socialists, and the party's forcible promotion of racism and anti-Semitism is not comparable to the modern Democratic Party of the United States.

The "big lie" refers to the anti-Semitic accusation propagated by Hitler that German Jews blamed an anti-Semitic German general for the loss of the nation during the First World War.

CNN has asked Brooks & # 39; Office for comment.

  Democrats are not ready to go there yet. 39; s no Russia conspiracy

. Attorney General William Barr said Sunday. Muller's investigation into whether the President has committed the obstruction of justice has not condemned the President to a crime, but "he does not exonerate him," Barr quoted from Mueller's report.

Barr explained to the Congress in a summary of the investigation When considering the report of Müller and the advice of the Deputy Prosecutor General Rod Rosenstein, he concluded that the Ministry of Justice on the basis of evidence during the investigation of the Special Lawyer and the indictments could not bring criminal proceedings against the President for obstruction. And this conclusion was reached regardless of the Ministry's generally accepted policy of not suing sitting presidents.

Eli Watkins of CNN contributed to this report.

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