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Ms. Spokane talks about how measles affect her family Top video

The Washington State Department of Health announces that there are 60 confirmed cases of measles in Washington on Friday. KHQ talked to a woman in Spokane, whose family is personally affected by the measles.

Michele, who asked to keep her last name private, said one morning, years ago, her mother woke her six-year-old brother, John.

"My mother still has a pale lunch today," Michele said.

Her mother could not get him out of bed, he could not even open his eyes. 19659002] "She hangs up his Christmas decorations every year," Michele said.

One and a half days later, Michael's brother left.

"I had two people in my immediate family who were affected by the measles." Michele said.

Her mother had a broken heart and was pregnant with Michelle.

"I still miss my brother and I never met him," Michele said.

John was only in second grade when he was in his brain swollen, and this was at a time when there was no measles vaccine.

Michele's mother still lives with side effects when she had the mother Graduations At the age of three, her mother is permanently blinded in one eye.

"I think people do not realize the seriousness of the matter," said Michele.

But Michele said she does.

"I remember when it was time to vaccinate my own daughter, there was no question, I did not even think about it," said Michele.

Spokane's regional health district said the measles are only a plane to Spokane, and although the west side has it under control, they will at least deal with it for the next month.

"Even a case of measles can get into a new area and we can have it. This is a serious outbreak. Measles are so serious," said Mark Springer, Spokane Regional Health District.

Michele said that it is not only important that you vaccinate your child for their safety, but for the safety of those who can not. Get the vaccine. Michele told the KHQ that it was hard for her family every time the measles broke out, and she wants people to dig deep and explore the MMR vaccine before deciding that her child does not need her.

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