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MSNBC Joy Reid apologizes for offensive posts – diversity

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid used her Saturday gig on the network to try to change a conversation around her.

Reid has been scrutinized over the last few days for a new set of allegations of blog posts with homophobic comments. The anchor has been battling the problem since the end of last year and apologized before, but this week he has fended off a new discovery of items that she claims are not hers, but the result of hackers' work. Reid has appointed a cybersecurity expert to support her claims.

"I really believe that I did not write these hateful things because they are totally alien to me, but I can definitely understand, based on things I've tweeted and written in the past, why some people do not like me "She said during her opening session of" AM Joy, "her MSNBC program on Saturday, although she admitted that her team has found no conclusive evidence that their contributions have been tampered with. "The reality is, they could not prove it," she said of consultants who worked with her. All I can say is that the person I am now is not the person I was then, I like to think that I've gotten better over time, that I'm still grows, "she said during the program.

Reid went on to lend a play that seems to work for HBO host Bill Maher, who faced a similar mess in 2017 after being in his play "Real Time" program had pronounced a racist epithet. As a result, Maher called in guests like Ice Cube and Michael Eric Dyson to challenge him to use the bow and explore the problems of his use. Surrounded by representatives of the LBGTQ community on Saturday, Reid told her assemblage "Feel free to grill me" about the comments and attitudes that she has made in the past.

Guests included columnist Jonthan Capehart as well as Zeke Stokes, vice president of programs for GLAAD

The accusations against their surface at a tense time for many partisan TV hosts. At Fox News, both Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have been re-examined in recent months. Activists have called on advertisers to boycott them at 10:00 pm. Program on 21st Century Fox's own network. MSNBC has made no public comment about the growing confusion, though it has passed on statements from Reid and her representatives.

A number of MSNBC employees came to her on Saturday morning on social media. Malcolm Nance, an MSNBC employee and national security expert, tweeted his support of Reid while MSNBC presenter Lawrence O & Donnell retweeted similar comments by CNN lawyer and New York author Jeffrey Toobin

The controversy threatens Reid to devour a time when she has enjoyed greater visibility on MSNBC. Their weekend program has gained ground, especially among the fans of progressive programming launched by MSNBC during their Weekday Prime Plan. She gave a sit-down interview with Hillary Clinton after the former US Secretary of State and presidential candidate published a book on the 2016 presidential election. And along with MSNBC colleague Ari Melber, Reid has been used as the frequent fill-in host for the network's primetime hosts.

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