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Much of the moon, which became a lunar meteorite, was just sold for over $ 600,000 – BGR

It's damn hard for most of us to get a piece of the moon. Some lunar missions have returned samples from the lunar surface, but these are usually held by scientists and museums so that they can be studied and shown.

Recently, a fairly large piece of Earth's only natural satellite landed on the auction block, but it was not returned by astronauts. This big, fragmented lump of the moon actually fell on earth alone, and now it has received the unbelievable price of $ 612,500.

The strange stone was said to have been thrown into the earth for thousands of years before it was finally found in Africa last year. The meteorite, which bears the label NWA 1

1789 (NWA means in this case "Northwest Africa"), actually consists of several smaller parts that fit together well and call the rock "the moon puzzle".

Apparently Rocks So do not just "fall" off the moon and find their way to Earth. It is likely that an impact of some sort between the moon and another object would cause material, including this chunk, to be ejected to the sky. The rock was eventually retracted by the gravitational forces of the earth and eventually fell through the atmosphere and landed on the ground.

The appearance of the rock shows signs that it has endured the harsh friction and heat that brings a journey through the earth's atmosphere. This makes it a pretty important lunar relic, but since it was found by a private party, it's now a serious collector's item. The incredible price of the rock is a product of its rarity, its size and the fact that it comes from the moon, in contrast to a meteorite of unknown origin.

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