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Mueller begins composing Russia puzzle in the most significant movement so far

In the process, the special lawyer begins to expose the lies and cover-ups that humans have built around Trump and the president himself to hide several inexplicable links with Russians in and before 2016.

He offers on the way implicit explanations for the strangely anxious relationship of the President with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And Mueller now passes a red line. Trump, once warned, could initiate his shooting by testing his business empire.

Sponsoring a court document detailing Cohen's confession and the team's 70-hour additional testimony, Mueller says his new Star Witness has more to tell and may face more serious revelations.

Indeed, Thursday can be the most significant day ever in the Mueller investigation, which had long overshadowed Trump's presidency.

The cooperation agreement could provide documents, other evidence and credentials, the co. I should take Mueller deeply into Trump's family and personal circle.

Cohen's admission that he had lobbied Congress for a Trump attempt to conclude a contract for the construction of a Trump Tower in Moscow, deeply involved in the presidential election campaign of 201

6, caused alarming worrisome questions that Mueller still has to answer.

In fact, she told of a presidential candidate who was involved in a trade relationship with a nation that had accused Muller in earlier charges of "information warfare" against the United States disturbing the election and helping bring Trump to the White House.

The dramatic development came in a week when it became clear that Müller aggressively pursued a different path in the investigation – the possibility that some other Trump employees may have contacted WikiLeaks, the site that was used to display Clinton campaign emails that were stolen from Russia and used by Trump to attack the Democrat candidate's character.

There was one person – was there a person who acted as a link between the campaign and Russia or Wikileaks, and what incentive did Trump have to work with the Russians, and why is he so committed to the Russians? said Jens David Ohlin, Vice Dean of Cornell Law School.

"I think we now have potential answers to these two questions."

What Muller has not proved

Müller has not yet proven to prove that Trump's business activities have marked his attitude towards Russia, and he does not directly contradict Trump's passionate refusal to collude between his campaign and Moscow.

In addition, it is not known whether Müller has documentary evidence Coincidentally misrepresenting the President, or simply relying on Cohen's testimony, many legal experts doubt that he would rely on a witness such as Cohen, who has been in favor of lying.

However, there is no clear indication that Trump is against The law has broken and despite the developments on Thursday, there is no sign that there is any political situation in Washington, which is still making impeachment impossible.

Trump, shortly after landing in Buenos Aires for the G20, showed that the investigation was still in his head despite the upcoming conference.

"This is an illegal hoax that should be stopped immediately," tweeted the president late Thursday.

But the developments on Thursday must also be seen in connection with Mueller's previous work.

In After a series of charges, he has come up with a sophisticated Russian hacking operation, an attempt to infect America's political dialogue with lies and distractions in social media. He has charged and sentenced Trump's family and advisers who had lied to his investigation. Some observers I believe that the rich detail in Müller's legal documentation is a way of painting a picture of Russia's interference and the Trump world's behavior should the president find a way to finalize his report to block.

There are immediate and longer-term political and legal consequences if Cohen plunged firmly into Mueller's camp.

His claims under oath and with the certainty of a lengthy jail sentence, if untrue, directly contradict Trump's assurances that he had no business dealings or business relations with Russia

If so, Trump has outraged the American people lied to.

In another damaging blow, Cohen said he lied for political reasons.

"I have made these statements to be consistent with Individual 1's Political News and loyal to Individual-1," Cohen said in a court-filing document referring to the President.

His statement raises another question that was not answered in the document.

Did the President know that Cohen had lied to Congress, or did he force him to? If that were the case, such a move would certainly lead to the degree of abuse of power that would be part of the impeachment.

The president struck Cohen as "weak" on Thursday, saying he was lying to Müller for a long jail sentence after allowing tax and financial fraud. He made the remarks to reporters before setting out for the G20 summit in Argentina, in an unsolicited statement that seemed to show his discomfort.

Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani also beat Cohen.

Immediately after the Cohen News in Washington: In a written response to the Special Representative, Trump has told another story about his hopes of building a Trump Tower in Moscow, as what Cohen testified, a version of events, Mueller clearly believes?

Giuliani said that there was no "contradiction" between Trump's answers to Mueller and Cohen. And he suggested that he had set a trap by waiting for Cohen until the President had answered his questions in the last few days.

"Her cunningness did not work if she wanted to," Giuliani said.

Trump's defense may have shot back

Yet Trump's self-defense raised another question that weaken his position and He may have been looking for business opportunities in Russia when he applied for president because he might not have gotten into the White House and therefore not with the loss of a chance, money.

"It would not be wrong if I did it During my campaign, I ran my business," Trump told reporters.

"There was a good chance that I did not win would have. In that case, I would have gone back to business and why should I lose? many possibilities?

Trump's comment left the impression that he used his platform as a presidential candidate as a vehicle to enrich himself instead of serving the American people.

Even more disturbing is the possibility that he might seek a favorable treatment in Russia trying to be reason for change 19659002] The fact that he had lied that he had no business relations with Russia after he had pursued the deal offered Moscow leverage when he became president and the presidential election opened the possibility of a serious threat to the National Security, if it was considered compromised.

Trump might have undermined a possible defense path as well, Cohen being the lead actor in finding a Moscow Trump Tower deal when he said, "I did not decide the project so I did not do it. "

Some Trump supporters warned against jumping irresponsibly to conclusions and challenging Cohen's credibility.

" The sky suddenly falls because there is another request. Who knows how this will affect the credibility of Michael Cohen, "said Jim Schultz, a former White House Trump lawyer on" Cuomo Prime Time. "

The White House was in a Cohen bombing raid Prepared since he appeared in Washington to meet with Mueller's prosecutors earlier this month.

What must worry them most now, and other people near Trump, who might be implicated by the Russian organization, are in The now lengthy discussions have been said over three full days.

CNN's Pamela Brown contributed to this report.

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