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Mueller probe winds over Pompeo confirming hearing

The CIA director, who now wants to become the 70th US Secretary of State, has to face a victory in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where Republicans have a one-vote advantage, but at least one GOP legislator two Democrats are expected to oppose him.

Even if Republican leaders take special measures to move Pompeo's nomination to the wider Senate, the former Legislator of the House of Representatives still faces a strict vote.

His full-time presence in front of the committee quickly deviates from Washington's various foreign policy challenges. to the primary domestic crisis, the US consume, as Senator Robert Menendez, the leading Democrat in the committee, Pompeo pressed on President Donald Trump and the Special Adviser investigating the links between his election campaign and Russia.

Questions about Trump, Russia, and Pompeo's role and attitude to the situation shaped the hearing during the day.

Mueller Probe

Menendez asked if Trump had ever asked him to interfere with the probe Special Adviser Robert Mueller

Pompeo said he had been interviewed by Müller and was cooperating with Special Advisers, but refused To give details or to discuss his talks with the President.

  Pompeo moves to calm skeptical Dems to reach the top US diplomat

Pompeo said both that Trump "never asked me to do something that I consider inappropriate" and that he could not remember the nature of March 2017 conversation in which Trump asked him to get FBI director James Comey to retire.

When Menendez harassed Pompeo over his talks with Muller, Pompeo said: "I think that it is best, while the Inv. I am not going to engage in discussions with the various investigative bodies."

While legislators keep coming back Asking for the Russia question and the Mueller probe, there were ample questions about the countless foreign policy challenges faced by the US

North Korea

The President also faced an unprecedented summit meeting with North Korea's unpredictable leader Concerns Concerning Kim Jong Un Acceptable Ability to Reach US with Nuclear Missiles

Pompeo told Sen. Edward Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, that he could imagine a ground invasion in North Korea if it had one [196592002] "I suppose it's possible that we could come to the state … where Kim directly threatened Jong Un and we had information about his activities. Yes, I can imagine times when America would have to come up with an answer that has left diplomacy behind, "said Pompeo.

  Mike Pompeo's completely nonsensical answer to his meeting with Donald Trump

He also said it was possible that the US would be forced to strike at Pyongyang for the first time.

"The day could come when we can see an arsenal of nuclear weapons" The President has made clear his intention to prevent this and to the extent that diplomatic instruments and other instruments that America has as its foreign policy power are unsuccessful, I know that […] beat the United States of America. " [Defense] Secretary Mattis was instructed to present to the President a set of options that would reach the President's goal.

Pompeo also said he had never advocated regime change, although in July he proposed to take Jus

"It would be a great thing to de-nuclearize the peninsula to remove those weapons, but that "What is most dangerous is the character who has control over them today," Pompeo said at the Aspen Security Forum, and continued, "From the administration's point of view, the most important thing is that we separate these two. Correct? Separate capacities and someone who can do well and break these two apart. "

On Thursday, Pompeo took in. Englisch: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…=view&id=167 the goal is "to develop an agreement with the North Korean leadership so that the North Korean leadership will avert its efforts to fully and demonstrably endanger America with nuclear weapons." [194559005] Future of the Iran Deal

Senators also asked about Iran, another country known to Pompeo, that it has hardline views.

Trump has set a deadline of 12 May to either approve the nuclear deal with Iran enormous frustration among US allies in Europe supporting the agreement, Pompeo, who tweeted about putting the deal back as a house-keeping legislator, avoided a direct answer when asked if he would tell Trump Deal to leave if a compromise can not be found. "If there is no chance to fix it," I recommend to the President that we do our best to work with our allies to achieve a better outcome and a better deal. "Pompeo said," even after May 12, Senator, there is still much diplomatic work. "

  Senators: Trump reconsider its attitude to the TPP trade agreement

In a later exchange, Pompeo added: "Iran did not run for arms before the deal. There is no indication that I know this when the deal no longer exists, that they would immediately go to racing to build a nuclear weapon today.

And even though he proposed to take over military attacks on Tehran for the Iranian nuclear program as a House legislator, Pompeo said Thursday, "I think the solution is to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and join us in the Iranian nuclear program Finding the same place in North Korea in Iran is diplomacy.


Pompeo raised questions about President Trump's threats of military action against Syria in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on a rebel stronghold that left dozens of dead, many of them children and women He said that the goal in Syria is to achieve more stability, less violence through diplomacy, and, based on leader Bashar al-Assad, Assad Syria one day. "

Asked about his plans for the State Department, Pompeo said he would work to rebuild the agency. "I spent a lot of time recruiting human capital," he said. "I want to do that in the Foreign Office too," he said.

Pressed on Views on Muslims and LGBTQ Rights

Legislators questioned Pompeo's positions in his home career, in particular, comments made about Muslims and the LGBTQ community. Under pressure from New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker, Pompeo said he was still personally against gay marriage, but said he would support LGBTQ officials in the State Department.

Pompeo has promoted the conspiracy theory that seeks to undermine a fifth column of Muslims According to the Anti-Defamation League, the US exists within the country, saying that American Muslim leaders are "potentially accomplices" in Muslim terrorism earlier and in the future.

Asked by Booker if he wanted to create a "special class of people in this country because of their religion," Pompeo said, "When it comes to ensuring that terrorists do not brew in places of Muslims, there is a special place, right? It is more than a duty, it is an opportunity, right? "

He added," I promise you that I will treat people of all faith or no faith with dignity and respect they deserve it. "

Russia is a recurrent theme

Throughout the hearing, lawmakers have repeatedly asked about Russia.

Pompeo confirmed that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections and that WikiLeaks – the group

Asked for a Tweet by Trump, who attributed the tensions with Russia to the Mueller investigation Pompeo told Sen. Jeanne Shaheen that there would be problems with Russia "caused by Russi's bad behavior" and said the government would do more to tackle Moscow.

"We have to push back every vector we face and every vector," Pompeo said.

He refused to answer questions about the Russia investigation, saying, "I came here today to talk about my qualifications to be Secretary of State."

But when asked if he would resign when Trump fired Mueller, Pompeo said he probably would not. "My instincts tell me no … My instincts tell me that my commitment to continue serving as America's senior diplomat will be more important," said Pompeo.

Yes man?

The highest legislators in the committee touched on Pompeo's relationship with Trump, and specifically on whether he would oppose the president.

Menendez also questioned whether Pompeo would become independent after nearly a year and a half of bailing out Trump's erratic approach to foreign affairs, which puzzled our allies and encouraged our opponents. "

" Will you face President Trump and say, "No, you're wrong?" are you a yes man? "Menendez asked." The Americans are worried that this president – the commander in chaos – will lead them to war. This is no time for mockery and tweets. "

" What is your real plan? Will you be a voice of reason or will you support the President's worst instincts? "Menendez asked.

Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the committee, repeated these concerns.

" I think it's fair for Ask members whether your relationship is in a sincere, healthy, give and take momentum, or whether it is based on the respectful willingness to come along, "he said.

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