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Mueller Report: Trump on Fox, Comey on NBC

Right-wing commentators are increasingly behaving as if they have already read the Müller report if they have merely read Bill Barr's letter. Left commentators are increasingly demanding the secrecy of the report.

Meanwhile, other people just try to keep going. The AP's big headline on Tuesday puts it in a nutshell: "Trump wins the winning round, parties are passing Russia …"

On Tuesday, the media continued … Especially with Fox News … With Commentators Claiming This The credibility of the "media" has been ruined by Barr's letter.

Here is a counterpoint of MSNBC-Prez. Phil Griffin, who made this statement to Joe Pompeo of VF:

"We will continue our work and ask the tough questions, especially when it comes to holding powerful people to account, that's a huge story: The President The United States has been the subject of an investigation by our own government, which has produced 34 criminal charges so far The Russians have disrupted our choice Our journalists, legal analysts and primetime hosts report at length on the greatest history in politics and national security. "

Comey Talks to Holt

Per NBC: "Former FBI director James Comey will sit down w Lester Holt of NBC News for an exclusive interview broadcast on Wednesday's" NBC Nightly News. "This is the first interview by Comey, since Mueller submitted his report …

A rare interview with Mark Corallo

Because of all the novelty Mueller, Trump and Russia at the moment, ABC's weekly podcast "The Investigation" went daily this week. Wednesday's episode will feature a rare interview with Mark Corallo, Trump's private spokesman. By ABC, "he shares his unique and unfiltered insights into the Trump administration's inner workings in the early days of the Mueller investigation, describing the" problematic "incidents and what he calls" reckless "behavior that influenced his decision … "

Trump wins a rally on Hannity

Sean Hannity records an interview with POTUS on Wednesday … It will air on Wednesday night …

→ Stephen Colbert continues" Late Show "Tuesday night:" I have to say that you have to tell me that you have not been accused of betraying your country, is a pretty low bar for a winning round, and if tomorrow I run no one in my car, I expect one Celebrating Ice Cream Cake … "

The Most Read Article on the WaPo Web Site …

… George Conway's blaspheming op song" Trump is Guilty "is unfit for the post. "It was the No. 1
most read chart the whole evening." If the indictment was incapable of office, "Conway wrote," the verdict would already be in effect: blame without a doubt. "

On Twitter called it WaPo blogger Helaine Olen "another episode of the George and Kellyanne show …"


– Spotify's third podcasting acquisition of the year: It buys Parcast, "the LA-based company Founded in 2016 by Max Cutler and dealing with a genre-oriented, high-volume portfolio with broad titles such as Serial Killers, Cults and Unsolved Murders … (Hot Pod) [19659018] – The FT quotes a "person close to The negotiation finds "that Spotify pays more than $ 100 million in cash and earn-outs for the purchase of Parcast … An enormous multiple of Parcast's limited revenue …" (FT)
Reading More about the newsletter "Reliable Sources" from D Tuesday … And subscribe here to receive future issues in your inbox …
– "Video The game giant Electronic Arts dismisses 350 people, the company said Tuesday, and This marks the last job cuts that hit the gaming industry in recent months. Activision Blizzard fired 800 people last month … (TheWrap)

The Local News Puzzle

These three stories came out on Tuesday and are all connected:

FIRST , an excellent new survey by the Pew Research Center on how Americans consume local news and what they expect from their news sources.

This is one of the key findings: "Even with declining revenues and staff, about seven in-Americans believe that their local news agencies are developing financially well or reasonably well (71%) Industry goes, only 14% of American adults say they paid for local news last year, either by subscription, donation, or membership. "

So, most people do not know about the sad state of local news stories, and most say that they have not subscribed. One caveat: Most Americans pay for local television news without realizing it by paying for cable.

SECOND, Charles Bethea's detachment from Coal. "A year ago," he wrote for "The New Yorker," "the last employee of the Kentucky paper dedicated to full-time environmental impact has quit his job and has not been replaced."
Bethea said, "other stores are trying to fill the market." Gaps, "including a fantastic journalist from the Report for America project and" strong local radio coverage. "But Tom FitzGerald, the director of the Kentucky Resources Council, said," No one can do the in-depth work that was done earlier. "Becoming Most likely – but "it's hard to know what you do not know," FitzGerald said
THIRD, Sara Fischer's shovel about a new Google company Trying to get on the right page in the news story, they are fighting the widespread belief that their products have seriously hurt the news business by financing all sorts of new services and initiatives. "Local Experiments Project" is a Google News initiative big step.
Google is stepping up funding for "dozens of new local news sites." it's all over the country and eventually around the world, "Fischer wrote. Richard Gingras told her that Google "will spend millions of dollars on the whole."

Is the future on smaller media markets?

About the Google Experiment …

McClatchy Belongs to Google's First Partner The company's CEO, Craig Forman, said the "experiment" will target three small-to-medium sized US communities that lack access to key local news – and sources of information, reporting.

It's a three-year bet. "Our goal at McClatchy is to explore new models for independent local news and information," Forman said in this blog post. "Google's goal is to test the business models and operational issues required to succeed in local news."

Bill Jules professor Bill Grueskin tweeted: "Google is funding * new local news sites directly through a newspaper chain (McClatchy) as a publishing partner and promises absolute editorial independence – a very different model than in the past …" [19659012] → His colleague Emily Bell has tweeted: "Here we went for a while Would US news organizations be familiar with the government, which directly owns local news? If the answer is" no ", it should also affect them … "

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