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Mueller's busy week offers new characters, his report is coming soon

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                  Special adviser Robert Mueller and his supervisors at the Ministry of Justice say nothing official about completing their work, but Congress is preparing. | Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images </p>
<p>  The Mueller probe appears to be on the home stretch. </p>
<p>  Some Trump consultants and consultants have been claiming this claim for more than a year on a low base, but there are signs that it is finally happening ] History below </p>
<p>  In an unusually busy week for Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's electoral intervention in 2016, there were several, and there were numerous indications that the Special Adviser's work ended with a final report to the Ministry of Justice. [OnWednesdayafederaljudgeconvictedPaulManafortofasecondjailsentencethatopenedthedoortoMueller'sprosecutionformerchairmanoftheTrumpcampaignclosedwhatforcedManaforttojailin2024ifPresidentDonaldTrumpdoesnotpardonhimorimplementthesentence</p>
<p>  In the meantime, other evidence has surfaced this week indicating that Müller's investigation is coming to an end. On Tuesday, lawyers for the Special Lawyer told a federal judge that they had all the information from former national security adviser Michael Flynn at his disposal, who had worked with the team at Mueller since he pleaded guilty in December 2017 that he had the FBI lied to. </p>
<p>  Two important members of Mueller's team are also moving on. The FBI confirmed a week ago on Friday that its senior agent, assigned to the Special Representative Team, was reassigned to oversee the office's Richmond field office. A spokesman for Mueller issued a rare public statement on Thursday confirming that one of the district attorneys, Andrew Weissmann, was planning to complete his assignment "in the near future". </p>
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"The signs I'm seeing suggest an investigation that has just been completed," said Patrick Cotter, a former federal attorney who has worked with Weissmann on organized crime cases. "[We are] is likely to be several weeks or even a month or more away from producing a final report, but certainly a fairly complete design is already being circulated in the Mueller team."

Cotter said he would be surprised if Weissmann should go before he had reviewed all of Müller's results, signaling that the report – the miller must present to his superiors in the Ministry of Justice – is nearly complete. "His knowledge, experience and abilities are too great for Muller not to use him as the leading author of such a report. And I do not think he would go if he thought that new important information wires and significant charges were still to come, "he added.

While Mueller and his superiors in the Ministry of Justice say nothing official about the conclusion of the special The work of the adviser prepares for the big moment. In a unanimous 420-0 vote, the US Parliament asked Attorney General William Barr to fully release the Special Adviser's final report.

Although Müller's investigations are almost complete, his prosecution will take months. On Thursday, on 5 November, a judge stated Roger Stone's opening date in the trial of Trump's former political adviser, Roger Stone, lied to Congress for contacting Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign.

Here is a summary of all weeks of this week's major events in the Mueller Probe:

Paul Manafort: The former chairman of the Trump campaign finally learned how long he spent in federal prison – nearly 7.5 years – will be held after Wednesday's US District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson was in US federal court The final part of his sentence was levied on a series of lobbying and disability charges filed last fall in Manafort's guilty plea were.

Jackson agreed with Judge of the US District Court TS to Ellis III, who separately condemned Manafort earlier this month for having been convicted in Virginia of financial fraud, that the longtime GOP employee spent the nine months he was in was detained since his imprisonment last June for witnessing.

Manafort's lawyers have requested that the remainder of his sentence be served in Cumberland, Maryland, despite the decision being taken by the Federal Penitentiary.

Prosecutors have begun applying for the repossession of Manafort For around $ 24 million, his crimes have involved him, resulting in several of his New York properties as well as bank accounts and a life insurance policy expire. He also has to pay a fine of $ 50,000.

Manafort still seems to be playing for a trump pardon or converting his sentence. In front of the US Courthouse this week, Manafort attorney Kevin Downing called for a favorite talk from the President: Mueller had not signaled any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, even though his client's case never interfered the subject. Mueller has brought Manafort to justice for his lucrative political work in Ukraine, which ended before the 2016 elections.

But any help from Trump can not protect Manafort from new charges he faces in New York, where the Manhattan prosecutor this week has received a 16-member grand jury indictment for mortgage fraud and other alleged state-related crimes. A presidential pardon can not release a person sentenced at the state level. Roger Stone: The longtime Trump employee received a lawsuit in early November for alleged misleading lawmakers about his contacts with WikiLeaks in 2016, emails stolen by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's election aides. This means that DC's jurors will start hearing his case as the countdown begins for a year until the next presidential election.

Stone's attorneys confirmed in a court hearing Thursday that they had received nine terabytes of material from the government in the discovery, which they called stacks "Up to the Washington Monument Twice." His lawyers also received the deadline on April 12 to file all applications for rejection. This pointed to plans for earlier applications involving "selective or disadvantageous prosecution" and a "grand jury trial error." "

Mueller's plans to try Stone are unclear." Jeannie Rhee, Deputy Attorney General, took charge of the prosecution on Thursday, while the departing Weissmann appeared in the courtroom, sitting with other staff in the bar of the courtroom.The government also has two deputy US attorneys from Washington DC, who are widely considered ready for one Handover will be considered if the special lawyer does business nearby before November.

Stone on Thursday launched a fundraiser night with a picture of him, his wife and Trump Stone said he needed money to defeat the charges of the Special Representative and "to support the re-election of the President in 2020."

Mic hael Flynn: Trump's former national security adviser continues to pay attention to the advice of the US District Court, Emmet Sullivan, who in December requested Flynn to wait until he exhausted all cooperation claims before agreeing to a conviction.

Mueller's prosecutors confirmed on Wednesday in a joint status report that Flynn could still be asked to testify to the upcoming trial of the government against his former business partner Bijan Rafiekian, who has been accused of not having disclosed foreign lobbying on behalf of Turkey. However, the Special Lawyer's Office also indicated that they considered Flynn's cooperation to be "otherwise complete".

In a separate tribunal filed in connection with the Rafiekian case, defense lawyers this week revealed they had seen FBI interview notes that Flynn had helped prosecutors Several "ongoing investigations." Government lawyers pointed out during a hearing on Friday that some of these investigations involve Mueller's office and other prosecutors, even though they did not deal with particularities.

Rick Gates: The former Trump campaign MP still cooperates with federal prosecutors on "several ongoing investigations" and is not yet ready to be convicted.

This was the signpost from a unilateral joint status report filed in federal court in Washington, the fifth of its kind since Gates found guilty in February of last year of financial fraud and lies against the investigators.

It is not clear if Gates is still going on The cooperation still includes the Müller probe. But Friday's submission suggests that Gates may assist the prosecutors in New York, who are investigating Trump's inauguration committee, which he supported alongside real estate developer and longtime Trump friend Tom Barrack. The committee is asking questions about the source of its donations and how it spent its record $ 107 million.

Another joint status report for Gates is scheduled to appear in court on May 14.

to which Josh Gerstein contributed This report.

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