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Mulvaney after New Zealand Attacks: Trump & # 39; is not a white suprematist & # 39;

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney John (Mick) Michael MulvaneyMick Mulvaney's Tragedy and the War Budget About Night Defense: Pentagon Files 8 Billion Household Proposal Officials Defend Boost for the War Fund | Armed Services Chairman Wants to "Kill" Trump Plan for Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons Pentagon Resists Allegations of 5B Housewife "MORE" On Sunday, he rejected any allegation of alleged shooters who had killed dozens of people in New Zealand and President Trump Donald John TrumpBiden on possible candidacy: "I have the most advanced record" Left minority minority with new Approach to the Senate Senate bill passed bill that would deter Trump from voting until 2020 if he does not release tax returns. 19659005] and said, "the president is not a white suprematist."

"The president is not a white suprematist, I'm not sure how many times we have to say that," Mulvaney said on Fox News Sunday. "

" And just asking the question every time something happens overseas or even domestically, and saying, "Oh my gosh, it has to be somehow the fault of the president," speaks for a politicization of everything What I think undermines the institution That's what we have in the country today, "he continued.

" Suppose what happened yesterday in New Zealand as it is, "he said," A terrible, evil, tragic one Act, and find out why these things are more prevalent in the world. Is it Donald Trump? Absolutely not. "

Mulvaney said it was unfair to expel the person responsible for the murder of 50 people to two mosques in New Zealand as Trump supporters based on a reference to the president in the shooter's manifesto

"This was a troubled person, a nasty person, and any attempt to tie him to an American politician of either party is likely to ignore some of the deeper difficulties that this type of activity brings," he said

"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace noted that the president used rhetoric that triggered tensions and played a clip from 2016 in which the then-candidate Trump believed "Islam hates us" as well Comments from last week in which Trump described the influx of illegal immigration as an "invasion."

When asked if the President would give a speech in which he convicted of white nationalism, white supremacy and anti-Muslim bigotry, Mulvaney said Trump has defended religious and individual liberties.

not sure what you want anymore that the president is acting, "he said, referring to a tweet of the mourning of the attack." You can say you want him to make a national speech to turn to the nation, that's fine. Maybe we will, maybe not. But I think that if you deal with the fundamental question, the President is doing everything we can to prevent this from happening here.

New Zealand authorities said on Saturday that the number of deaths in the shootings at two mosques increased to 50. The 28-year-old Australian man accused of shooting closed killed 41 people in a mosque and seven in another, two died after hospitalization, police say.

Trump described the shooting as "pointless" and "horrible" and offered New Zealand support, asking on Friday if he believed white nationalism a growing threat, the president described it as a "small group of people who have very, very serious problems."

The president criticized in 2017 when he said it was to blame ". both sides "face white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, with counter-protesters.

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