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Mulvaney defies the summons, Bloomberg prepares for the 2020 offer and what to see this Christmas: The Morning Rundown

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A senior US State Department official described the White House's actions against Ukraine as "unlawful." Another billionaire could enter the presidential race of 2020 and see 21 films and television shows how to get away on vacation.

Here's what we see today.

diplomat says Putin, Orban, Giuliani & # 39; has shaped the president's view on Ukraine & # 39;

George Kent, a senior State Department official Russia's European Union President Vladimir Putin, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani spoke in disapproval of Ukraine and its new chairman.

The minutes of Kent's testimony released on Thursday feed on long-standing concerns among national security experts that President's views on key foreign policy issues are being influenced by Putin and other autocratic leaders such as the extreme right-wing leader of Hunga.

In his statement, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State also referred to Giuliani for conducting a slander campaign against Marie Yovanovitch, the ousted US ambassador to Ukraine, testifying Friday as part of the impeachment investigation.

It is expected that the incumbent White House chief of staff will not be present, in line with several other officials who have been instructed by the president not to cooperate in the investigation.

] Anonymous Author Writes Trump's Decision-Making Lags Over Time

The President's behavior can be so unpredictable that most high-ranking civil servants have to submit written resignation letters in advance, an anonymous author claims that a senior Trump official Administration is said in a book to be published this month.

To complicate matters, the president's decision-making abilities deteriorate over time. A warning received and read on Thursday night in MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show.

In the book excerpts, the author describes the almost daily "Five-Alarm Fire Exercise," which gets high-ranking officials to cancel plans and races to the White House to intercept Trump before he introduces his latest "crazy or destructive idea." "can implement.

The information comes from an anonymous source, and NBC News does not know who the author is and whether they were able to. I witnessed what happened.

Mike Bloomberg is preparing a possible bid for 2020.

The former three-time mayor of New York and billionaire businessman positions himself to enter the democratic presidential code final decision.

In a sign that he is seriously considering a run, Bloomberg collected signatures in Alabama to qualify for elementary school. Alabama has a 6 p.m. Friday deadline for candidates to officially participate in the race.

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Bloomberg is still considering jumping into the race because he believes the current Democrat field is not strong enough to beat Trump, his spokesman Howard Wolfson said in a statement to NBC News.

"Please do not take my children"

After her baby had fallen off a chair, doctors mistakenly called it abuse. Weeks later, the state took custody of both children of Melissa Bright when she asked child protection services not to remove her from her home.

The case of the Bright family is just one example of how doctors' opinions can have an extraordinary impact on decisions to protect children.

These conclusions sometimes trigger questionable family divisions and criminal charges, as revealed by an investigation by NBC News and Houston Chronicle.

The Week in Pictures

Patrick Semansky / AP

Trump embraces Washington National's catcher Kurt Suzuki during a ceremony honoring World Champion 2019 at the White House on Monday. See more of the most intriguing photos of the last week here.

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THINK About It

The Oscars disqualified "Lionheart" because Nigerians speak English in it – just like in Nigeria.


Thinking of lending money to a friend or family member? Please read first.

Quote of the Day

"When we observe these changes in animals, we can not ignore them because the effects on humans and the planet are not far behind."

– Elizabeth VanWormer, lead author of a new study linking climate change to a deadly virus that threatens sea lions, seals and otters.

A historical moment

Sometimes the course of history can change overnight.

In the following archival video of November 8, 1989, Tom Brokaw reports on the desperate efforts of Communist leaders in East Berlin to hold on to power. The Berlin Wall collapsed – a major event that led to the end of the Cold War.

For more information on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, visit NBCNews.com this weekend.

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