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Murder of Mackenzie Lueck: cell phone photos and carpooling have contributed to the arrest

Investigators tracking their cell phones found that Mackenzie Lück, 23, and the man charged with their murder were both in the park, where they last died on June 17, within a minute Was seen.

That was around the time Lück's phone stopped receiving data or tracking services.

31-year-old Ayoola Ajayi was arrested on Friday and is due to be charged with serious murder. According to Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown, he also faces charges of aggravated abduction, obstruction of the judiciary and profanation of a corpse.

After Lueck had disappeared, the suspect originally denied knowing what she looked like, Brown said. But several pictures of her were found on his phone, and the "digital footprint" continued after the arrest, police said.

An Instagram account confirmed by Lueck's Sisterhood Sister belongs to the missing student who followed another user on or around Wednesday was reviewed by CNN.

Brown confirmed that the investigators are investigating the activity on the account.

"This is a digital forensic investigation," he said. "This includes computers, mobile phones, IP addresses, URLs, SMS apps."

Forensic evidence has also been discovered

The research is not limited to digital footprints.

The investigators also found forensic evidence after they ransacked Ajayi's home and property on Wednesday, police said. When they did, his neighbors told the police they saw him burning gasoline in his backyard on June 1

7 and 18, Brown said.

The police said the search provides several evidences.

"A forensic excavation of the fire area was conducted that found several charred objects that matched Mackenzie Lueck's personal belongings," Brown told reporters

Police also discovered charred material known as female human tissue in the area Consistent with Lück's DNA profile was determined, he said. Investigators of a mattress have tried to find out if they were found. The police tweeted Friday night without giving any further details.

  Lueck walks through the Salt Lake City International Aiport on June 17.

She stopped talking at about 3 o'clock in the morning.

Lueck wrote to her parents at 1am on June 17, when she landed at Salt Lake City International Airport, police said. She was seen checking the airport as she passed through the baggage claim area before taking Lyft to Hatch Park.

The Lyft driver said she did not seem to be in trouble, according to Salt Lake City Deputy Police Chief Tim Doubt.

The police said Friday that all communication with Lück's phone was interrupted at about 3 am – the same time she was leaving the park with the suspect.

According to telephone records, her last communication with the suspect was. Her family and friends did not see or hear from her after this morning. Her sister nurses told CNN daughter KSL that Lueck had also missed exams.

"She is extremely committed," said Ashley Fine to the TV station. "She would never miss her middle or something, she was not at home, she did not come to work or anything."

A suspect arrested

Following the arrest of the suspect on Friday, Brown contacted her parents to let them know the news. They were "devastated and broken by this news," he said. Here's what we know about the person accused of murdering Mackenzie Lueck. Here's what we know about the person accused of murder Mackenzie Lueck "class =" media__image "src =" http://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190628142233-01-utah-mackenzie- lueck-suspect-arrest-large-169.jpg "/>

" This is one of the most difficult telephone conversations I've ever had, "he said.

The suspect lived about eight kilometers from the park, in

According to his LinkedIn page, he is a former information technology specialist for the US Army and recently worked for Dell and Goldman Sachs. CNN has asked the US Army and Dell for comment.

Dakin Andone CNN contributed to this report.

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