WASHINGTON – A convicted Killer from Honduras arrested after a trial The US Department of Homeland Security said it would illegally enter the US with members of the migrant caravan on Friday.

A suspected member of Honduras' MS-13 criminal gang was arrested on November 24 Officials said they had been illegally entering the US.

Proponents of the caravan of thousands of Central Americans traveling across the US to Mexico have challenged federal estimates of 600 criminals traveling in groups. However, US officials said recent arrests in Mexico justify the estimates.

"As the DHS confirmed weeks ago, there are at least 600 known criminals in the caravan," said department spokesman Tyler Houlton. "The fact that Border Patrol has arrested a killer in the first caravan arrests on our southern border proves that the caravan's threat to our national security and public safety is real."

President Donald Trump has called migrants "criminals" criminals "and dispatched 5,800 active militaries at the southern border to protect themselves against the caravan.

On Sunday, tensions arose when migrants collided with customs and border guards in San Ysidro's port of entry and were pelted with stones before being scattered with tears gas.

Homeland Security minister Kirstjen Nielsen said last week in San Diego, and CBP commissioner Kevin McAleenan reiterated Monday that at least 500 criminals were due to sources of information suspected in the US and other countries of traveling with the caravans. McAleenan said Mexico has arrested 100 migrants for criminal offenses.

On 24 November, Border Patrol agents arrested three men around 11:00 pm. about a mile east of San Ysidro. One of the suspects, Miguel Angel Ramirez, 46, was imprisoned for murder in Honduras and released four months ago. The conviction was confirmed with the Honduran Consulate, officials said.

He was imprisoned with two other Honduras men aged 22 and 38, whose deportation was pending for illegal entry into the United States.

Earlier that day, Border Patrol Agents met a man about 6 pm east of the Calexico entrance port. The man, Jose Villalobos-Jobel, 29, admitted to being a member of the Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang, and said he traveled with the caravan to the US. A review of the records at the El Centro processing station confirmed his identity and he reiterated his involvement in the gang.

He was imprisoned for processing and return to Honduras.

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