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Musk Tweets About Upcoming Nav Update, Boring Company Building Blocks


Published on March 26, 2018 |
by Steve Hanley

26. March 2018 by Steve Hanley

After another whirlwind week of moving the world towards sustainability, one electric car at a time, Elon Musk had just one thing left to do Legion of Twitter supporters could tell before he went to bed on Sunday night. First, a major upgrade of the navigation system used in Tesla vehicles will begin next weekend. Second, the Company is exploiting rocks excavated from its Southern California tunneling project to produce LEGO-like building blocks. More about this soon.

Updated Tesla Nav System

At first, the Musk Man responded to a tweet from a frustrated Tesla owner who showed him the current navigation system in his car, which took him miles from Seattle to his destination

  Tesla Navigation

The depth of fear that Tesla owners feel with the current chunky system can be seen in this response to Elon's announcement by Oracl3: "Military Grade …" I want to know that there is no left turn at 4pm ". I want to get to know streets with stop signs. I want the fastest track built by AI … and I do not mean the one that passes by any restaurant … I want side roads, damn it! "You will get your request, Oracl3.

The people of Teslarati point out that the old navigation system uses a combination of Google Maps and Garmin Navigon Software." The new navigation software is probably necessary to Musks Plan for a Tesla to move from LA to NYC without human intervention.

Boring Company Building Blocks

When you drill a tunnel from the SpaceX headquarters to LAX, what are you doing with all those rocks and scree removed from your Super Duper High Tech Drill Most people would find a hole somewhere and fill it with detritus, but Elon Musk is not the most people, he takes these debris and makes them one of the most unique miniature bricks of the world The people at LEGO are busy finding ways to make their products more sustainable, but what could be more sustainable than recycled rock?

Musk tweeted this photo to give people an idea give what he's up to. They might not be able to afford a Tesla Model 3, but almost everyone could have a piece of history – building blocks that come from the rubble left behind in the construction of the Boring Company's first tunnel. Talk about your historical artifact.

 Musk Egypt Tweet

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