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My 600-Lb. Life star Lisa Fleming died at the age of 50

Lisa Fleming, a former 704-pound. Woman Presented on TLCs My 600-Lb. Life in February, died at 50, confirmed her daughter.

Danielle Fleming shared the news on Facebook on Thursday and said she could not see her mother before she died.

"I'm really shy at the moment," she wrote. "God knows, I wanted you to hold on until I'm here, but he knew what was best for me, I did not have to see you like this! I held your hand for four hours this morning, knowing nothing "What I could have done would bring you back to me."

Danielle told TMZ on Friday that Lisa's death was unrelated to her weight. She said that her mother lost 200 pounds. On the show after the weight loss surgery, and was finally able to stand alone for the first time in years.

But Danielle said Lisa was sick before appearing on the show, and her death was due to these diseases.

"In the end, she was sick and her body was tired and her body just gave in," Danielle said.

Lisa had been bedridden for years and slept in the same bed where her mother died because of obesity. When she found maggots in the folds of her skin, she decided to lose weight on the show.

It took seven paramedics to lift Lisa out of her bed and into a waiting ambulance.

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"Paramedics need to reinforce the ramp they use to get me out of the house," she said in the February 22 episode. "I can not believe it came to that, but at least I'll do something about it before it gets too late."

Danielle recounted how much she loved her mother in her Facebook post.

"Everyone who knows me knows that I have given my love to my mother ALL! She was my world and I was her #NumberOneGirl," she wrote. "Mom, I love you from here to the stars and back! These babies loved you even more, I'm glad you're out of pain and in this bed, pray for me, look at me, come and see I love it because I'm not feeling well! I love my mom, and I would not wish that pain to my worse enemy. "

In a statement, TLC condoned.

"TLC is distressed to hear that Lisa Fleming, who appeared on My 600-lb Life died on August 23, 201

8," they said. "TLC shares his deepest sympathy with Lisa's family and friends."

Lisa is the second star in the series to die this month. On 2 August James "L.B." Bonner, another former My 600-Lb. Life Star, was found dead in a ditch with a bullet wound. He was 30 years old.

Before his death, Bonner wrote a previously deleted Facebook post in which he thanked everyone for their support and said he needed to "face his demons."

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