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My great parents will not miss a big deal

LOVE AMY: My parents are the best. Like the best. Imagine the mother sending spontaneous cards and grooming packages, and the father checking your oil.

Columnist Amy Dickinson

They've always supported me emotionally, mentally, and emotionally Also, financially, when I was in college. I live every day in gratitude for their love and the life they have been able to give to my brother and me.

Even though I am now in my 30s, married and having a great career, they are still trying to take care of me. If we go out for dinner, they still try to pay the bill, even if they visit me. This usually ends in a fight for the check at the end of the meal. My goodness – the poor waiters and waitresses who have to come to terms with us at the end of the meal (it's not really a fight, it's more like a comedy trying to hide the other person's wallet).

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