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My only plan this weekend is crashes on the planet

What, it's me, Space Garbage. What's going on this weekend? Where is the party? I am for nothing. My only real plans are to break into the earth at 15,660 MPH. Do you want all?

Yes, it's pretty fast, but I'll most likely end up in Jersey, and you know you want to be there Saturday night! And I'll meet it hard friends. Space.com says the atmosphere is probably going to upset me, but honestly, that's just how I am before the game. You know my speaker: When Tiangong-1 comes to Earth, I get ready . Ready, I mean, cut into pieces so that I can spread along an estimated area of ​​1,240 miles in length and 43 miles in width. You have to hit some kind of rage when you cover so much ground.

Do you think that sounds uncertain? Actually it is totally cold; The likelihood of meeting someone is like "10 million times less than the annual probability of being struck by lightning." Something similar to the chances that you have been plagued.

But I'm getting pretty hot. Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell says be cautious and "do not deal with the rubble" and that people should stay away and report to "local emergency services". It's like Lenny's bachelor party.

Anyway, if something happens, invite me, I'm in town. Next week, NASA will meet its obligations to return astronauts and return objects to space and send parts back to China. I'd really like to see you find me in the club or at the casino, or like a sweet whirlpool throwing back a few beer beers. It's the damn weekend!

Seriously. I hate it when we make big plans and do not follow.

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